Technology has transformed the learning process in the past decade with the smart devices and the internet. Board are being replaced by smart screens, notebooks by tabs, and physical interaction by online lectures. Technology is evolving, which makes the future of classrooms more impressive than ever.

In the next few years, we will witness some cool and futuristic tech implementation in the technology education learning process. Here are some changes classrooms might witness shortly. Unfortunately, robot teachers are not one of them

Gaming and Learning

One of the biggest distractions from the studies, gaming can be used to make students learn different skills. Game developers are making efforts to use the motion sensor technology education in skill development such as music and sign language.

Technology Education

The movements of the students will be detected through kinetics to give the teacher a better insight. The gaming model can also be introduced in the early standards to make learning interactive. A game with every major World War event can be more engaging for students than traditional lectures.

Advance LCD Screens

The application of a smart LCD screen on the student’s desk is limitless. The teachers can control the display from their end. Students will have enough space on the giant screen to take notes.

The significant change this technology education will bring is a collaboration between students at distant locations. With the right power, these LCD screens will be able to manipulate virtual objects, and students will work with others in real-time.

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3D Printing

3D printers are revolutionary devices that should be made mandatory for graduation classes. The teachers and students can use it to build prototypes in the classroom. The design principles will be presented and tested in front of the whole classroom.

This will reduce the inefficiency and problems with the designs in its initial stage. The cost and time will be a lesser problem with these free experiments conducted with CAD software and 3D printers.

3D printers are available in the market for personal use as well. This machine can cost you anywhere between a couple of hundred to a thousand pounds. You might have to take a loan for bad credits with no guarantor if you are tight on budget.

Notes on Flexible Displays

The backpacks, books, and notebooks will be the things of the past with these flexible displays. With this new technology education trend, students will be able to take notes anywhere they want, from classroom to field trips.

The flexible nature of these displays will ensure you can carry them in whatever manner you want. The paper-thin displays are being developed which are lighter than any smartphone or available today. The interactivity could be similar to the e-readers available in the market.

Social Networking

Many universities are introducing a virtual space for students to interact with their counterparts from around the world. Students will socialise to share their ideas and learn from others. Moreover, the technology education platform will be moderated by their teachers.

This will reduce the dependency of students on their teachers to validate their ideas. Any doubts or question will be answered by a community full of experts. And collaboration among students from different countries will be promoted.

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Cloud Computing

The LCDs and devices to take notes will all require cloud computing to store data. This way, students can access lectures, notes, homework, and other literary works anywhere and anytime they want. Digital libraries provide students with any content they want as long as they have a working internet connection.

One major change cloud computing will bring the virtual presence in the classrooms. Since the channel will stay open, the discussion and interaction will increase. Classes will take place on online platforms to make sure students don’t skip classes for no reason.

Augmented Reality

Gamers are waiting for the augmented reality to make the gaming experience life-like. For students, it means they will be a part of the process instead of reading about it. There will be additional information other than described in the texts that require real-life experience.

Even today, the field trips are limited in a curriculum because of budget and time constraint. Students from every field will get the benefit of travelling through the continents and space while sitting in their classrooms.

Even the historical events will take place right in front of you. Think how awesome it would be to experience the first flight of human or the moon landing. Interactivity will ensure students get relevant information about the object in front of them.


Attendance management has a flaw right from the beginning. Biometrics are already being installed in the classes to mark attendance for students and teachers. Library management systems are being equipped with fingerprints and facial recognition to improve its security.

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We can see eye-tracking technology to analyse student behaviour. The teachers will be able to get a deeper understanding of how effective is the learning content in this technology education medium.

To sum up, we already have new technology that can shape the modern classrooms. Students will find it more engaging and convenient than traditional methods. And most importantly, the knowledge and ideas will get more recognition.

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