Technical is the first stage in the optimization procedure where the experts have to be focused on the website and servers. The only motive for performing these practices is to keep the website perfect on the basis of technical aspects. Here, the experts are trying to improvise the website technically and let the search engine bots crawl and index .

Search Engine Optimisation is a way to increase your online ’s reach quickly. There are three types of SEO practices performed by professionals such as

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

Characteristics Of Technical Optimization

After completing the technical SEO phase, you can experience lots of benefits and get better performance on the website. It helps in presenting your online platform effectively by impressing the search engine bots. Here, you will get information about some of its major characteristics.

Good Website Speed

When it comes to impress users and search engine bots, then it is important to have a website with fast loading speed. According to research, around 53% of mobile users leave a website due to the slow speed. As per Neil Patel’s blog, increasing the website’s loading speed with 1 second will decrease the conversions rate by 7%.

By paying attention to these facts, you can understand how the website’s speed is important for impressing the visitors. In case your website takes lots of time to get loaded, then it may frustrate them.

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Keep The Website Crawlable

To get ranked quickly, everyone has to make sure their website is crawled by the search engine bots or not. Sometimes, the website owners don’t know about the Robots.txt file and don’t optimize it. You have to keep it open.

In case you disallow the Robots.txt file, then search engine spiders or bots don’t visit your website. When a bot visits, then firstly, it is focused on this particular file for seeking permission. It makes your website crawlable and accessible by the search engine bots.

No Dead Links

As we discussed in the first point, slow website speed leads to frustration among visitors only. The availability of dead links on the website will increase stress on the servers. The dead links are representing the pages that are not available on the website but these are existing in your sitemap.

If you are going to access these types of pages or dead links, then you can find a 404 error only. You have to figure out and remove these types of links quickly to lighten the website and boost its loading speed. In case your links are useful from a success point of view, then you can get help from permanent redirections.

Duplicate Content Removal

Keeping the website and its content completely unique & original is the most important factor. According to the search engine algorithms and guidelines, duplicate content is not acceptable. Using copy-pasted or plagiarized content may become a reason for website penalization.

Technical SEO

You have to analyze the complete website and try for figuring out the duplicate content and eliminate it as fast as possible. Try to write completely original and unique content for the website that has detailed information about your website and services instead of useless content.

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Keep Servers Secure

Technical SEO will help you in keeping the website fully secure. If you focus on the search engines, then you can know, it loves to present secure results only. By implementing an SSL certificate to the domain, you can keep everything secure on the website. After the implementation of such a certificate, your domain starts appearing with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

XML Sitemap

Some people are facing lots of confusion when it comes to indexing. Everyone tries to figure out a perfect way by which they can get the website indexed quickly. It can be possible by submitting a sitemap of the website to webmaster tools of search engines. The use of online sources will help you in generating the XML sitemap easily and quickly.

These are some major characteristics that can benefit your website after completing the technical SEO phase. It is highly important for getting the website ranked quickly. If your technical phase is not completed perfectly, then you may not get the desired position in SERP. It becomes important to hire professional SEO experts who have deep knowledge of all these practices.

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