How Online Ludo Games Became Famous in India?

Ludo Games, when we hear this word, many memories from childhood suddenly start playing in our heads. And as kids, we all have played this game and had fun with our loved ones every once in a while. Ludo is a board game having up to four players and four different colours of pawns.

A die is rolled between the players, the highest die scorer at the starting of a round gets to play his/her pawn first. And the first person whose all four pawns had entered the Home space is considered to be the winner.

Each player has four pawns, so they can cut off each other’s pawn on their way to the Home, which then forces the pawn which gets cut off by another one to return to its initial position. Simple yet uncertain, these are the two characteristics that made this game the most popular game of all time.

The Pandemic and The Ludo Game

For the last few years, the world has been restricted to their homes. As the world entered the state of total Lockdown, the facilities of outdoor gaming got cut off with the people. As we all were witnessing the global pandemic, people in their homes started looking for entertainment opportunities and the growth of Online Apps and Softwares reached its peak.

How Online Ludo Games Became Famous in India?

This was the best time for the software development companies to merge these two different concepts, the Ludo game, and the Online gaming software development, to create something almost perfect to meet every entertainment expectation of the people within the comfort of their homes, is the Ludo Game Software.

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And exactly that happened, the Ludo Game App proved to be a massive success and in no time reached its peak. While at its peak, it is said that nearly 251 million players used to be active on the app every day.

The Ludo Game App

The Online Ludo Game, which broke the Internet, consisted of several features which helped this game to reach millions of people and gain popularity. The goal of the software development companies was to maintain simplicity while delivering the best UI and a quality product.

Hence, the features provided within this app are not so complex at all. These features also made it easier for people to navigate through the app effortlessly and connect with friends and family from all over the world.

Login Portal

When players enter the app, they do not necessarily have to register themselves over the server to play a quick match. The Guest Login portal helps them enter and play whatever desired mode while signing in as a Guest. This enables a quick, easy, and yet secure way for accessing the game.


Ludo is a game that can’t be played solo. Players need other players to play along with them, and hence the most helpful feature in the game is Multiplayer connectivity. By using this feature within the app, players can now add their friends, family and even enter different private and public rooms to meet new people.

Gaming Modes

Different gaming modes attract other age groups of people. Whether playing with friends or wanting to meet new players, playing against real players or an AI, playing online or offline because of some technical issue in your area, whatever and however you want to play, you can freely choose it. This feature helped the app reach more and more people as everyone wanted to try all the different modes.

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There is no certainty about the period of the Pandemic. And there is no saying as to when it will come to an end. Hence, apps like these have become essential in the day-to-day lives of everyone. Ludo and its features as a Gaming app are remarkable examples of elite Ludo Game Development.

As in the future, there are many features yet to discover, a lot of technological advancements yet to happen, and a lot of undiscovered areas yet to explore.

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How Online Ludo Games Became Famous in India?
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