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How Guest Post Articles Can Earn You Quality Backlinks

Guest blogging is a very common term in the blogging aspect, if you are a blogger, then you may have heard about guest blogging before or you have tried to submit guest post articles sometimes in the past.

However, in this post, you are going to learn how to submit guest post articles and earn backlinks to your blog, not just any backlinks, but quality backlinks that will also push your blog posts and overall blog up in the SERPs (search engine result pages)

If your blog has been stuck on page 2 of Google and you are wondering why and what you can do to solve that problem, then I will advise you to try building some sweet backlinks through guest post article submission to help power up your blog

One of the reasons why you need to focus on guest blogging is because, it is a legal way of building backlinks, as you all know, buying of backlinks is against Google policy, but guest post article submission is not, so follow the below steps to start doing guest posting for your blog.

So let’s skip all the fluff and dive right into today’s tutorial

What is Guest Post Article Submission

Just in case you don’t know what guest post article submission is, let me define it to you in clear language, Guest posting is simply publishing an article on other blogs to get backlinks and traffic to your own blog or website and also getting recognition for your brand.

Guest Post Articles

So let’s say you want to start a blog as a beginner after creating your blog, since it is new, nobody will know about it, and if you guest post on other blogs and link back to your new blog, it will start getting traction and popularity, and since it has gotten a backlink, Google and other search engines will also start to notice the new blog and help you rank the new blog on time.

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Benefits of guest posting and Importance of backlinks

According to this article on Moz blog, backlinks act as a vote for a website, so let’s say, your blog is new and no one knows about it, if you build a backlink through guest posting for the blog, the backlink will stand as a vote to tell search engines and people that your blog contains some useful information on it

But if your blog has no backlinks pointing to it, that means no other blog have voted for it, so in this case, a website with more backlinks will perform better than the blogs with no backlinks pointing to them at all on search engines.

How to submit guest post articles and earn backlinks for your blog

Follow the below steps carefully and consistently to start guest posting on other sites and earn quality backlinks to help power up your blog to perform better on search engines.

Optimize your blog

The first and foremost thing you must do to start guest posting is optimizing your blog to be user friendly and link-worthy, one thing you should know is that nobody would link to spammy blogs or websites.

For example, if your blog is very basic and looks ugly, no blogger will link to it, because if they link to a bad blog, it will, in turn, affect them too, so every blogger that accepts guest post articles on his blog is expecting guest posters to also have a nice blog of their own

So before you start thinking of guest posting, make sure your blog has a nice and professional looking theme, make sure your blog has an “About us” and “Contact us” page and is also easy to navigate if you do this. It will increase your chances of getting accepted to submit guest posts on other blogs.

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Create quality content on your blog

Bloggers that accept guest posting on their blogs are also looking for a guest poster that is really good in writing blog posts, so to make them know that you are good at writing, they need to first see your previous works

And the best way to do this is by writing professionally written content on your own blog which is written by you, so each time you are publishing a blog post on your blog, make sure it is of high quality.

I will advise that you have at least 10 quality and well-written blog posts on your own blog before starting to guest post on other peoples blogs because if your blog is only containing a few posts, they will notice that it is a non-professional blog and the owner is not serious.

Find guest posting sites

After doing the first 2 things, now is time for you to start looking for guest posting sites, a good example of a site that accepts guest posting is Akinpedia.com, the reason why I recommend akinpedia as a blogging site is that

When you visit the blog, you will notice that only professionally written articles are published, and the blog also receives a good amount of readers every month, so this is a sign to let you know that the blog is really good for your guest post article submission.

Finding guest posting opportunities sites is very easy, this is how to go about it

Just go to Google and type the following (your niche “submit a post”) when searching this, replace “Your niche” with the niche of your blog and if you hit search, you will see a list of sites in your niche that accept guest posting.

Create an amazing article

The next thing is to write a nice and amazing article because none of them will accept poorly written articles, and whenever you are writing, make sure you use writing tools that will correct your typos, after writing your article, use a plagiarism checker tool to check for plagiarism

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Make sure that your article is highly targeted to their visitors before you submit it, because, if you want to submit an article for a health website, you should only submit an article that is about health, if you submit an off-topic article, they will reject it.

Submit your article to the guest posting site

After writing your guest post article, you can now submit the article to the blog, and if they find your article interesting, they will approve it and it will be live on their blog, and if this happens, that means, you have earned a very sweet backlink to your site which will surely push your blog up in the search engines.

Note that, some guest posting sites will not accept the short articles, some of them will request a minimum of 1000 words, and some will request 500 words minimum, so follow their guidelines and win a backlink for your blog.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, if you have been looking for how to guest post and get backlinks to your blog then follow all the aforementioned steps. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section, if you got value out of this tutorial, do share it with others on social media, I wish you all the best.

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