How Educational Technology Changes the Way We Learn

Educational technology as been regarded as the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. As we evolve into a different world every day, we redefine our learning and teaching mechanism: we, travelling all the way, come from the gurukuls to modern-day schools.

One guru, replaced by several other teachers and one subject, broken into several others; this evolving earth has no stop. We learn something new every day and make ourselves better for that fact. Newer learnings require newer ways to teach. Therefore, today, so far from the mindset of a gurukul, we have come to establish different standards to guide and procure. Several Engineering colleges in Noida have adopted advanced programs for teaching.

These advancements include teaching architecture with a 3D building software or perhaps making final accounts on a PC. It can be anything. A variety of colleges and universities are coming up with such a curriculum evolving educational technology. Here, students are taught the basics (and advanced) for their particular type of field.

For example, management students learn about MS Office

Talking about Legal Education, it involves proper presentation, paperwork, sheets, charts, diagrams, and other such data. Having to make them without the appropriate software makes it difficult. As we are used to them, we cannot imagine ourselves working on such projects with software like MS Office. Earlier, with all papers typed on typewriters, it really was a hindrance. Now, one can speak to Google to type, and press Ctrl+P to print. That simple it is now. Let us look at educational technology that should be taught to students in law schools:

Educational Technology

Microsoft Office: In MS Office, one has a complete solution to all professional needs. Having learned the basics of MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint can make one’s life very easy. For more in-depth and advanced study, anyone can gain further knowledge by looking it up online or with a faculty member.

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Web Designing: With most of the services available online, most people do not prefer offline physical shops anymore. Online markets and services are the leading global market shareholders. For this, students and practitioners should start to understand the basics and get into the online world. All the more, most of the law firms do not have a website. And for the ones who do, they aren’t properly optimized and maintained.

Case Management Tools: These are tools with help lawyers to properly manage their clients. They come in different varieties and solve specific data. One can choose from them according to their needs. Getting back at how technology is evolving, we see computer labs, classrooms with projectors and students listening to podcasts of teachers. With the ease of Google and YouTube, students no longer have to go through bulky encyclopedias and get their doubts cleared. They can directly look it up online.

This method of referring to websites has proved to be beneficial when learning new topics. There are other such websites which help with different work. Like, for picking a college and knowing about the details, GetMyUni does all the job. Here, a student or anyone can go through different profiles of colleges and look for the courses and facilities they offer.

All admission related information, fee structure, placements, scholarships, etc. are put in a well-presented manner: just a few clicks and all the college details at one place. Apart from that, the teachers have had sighs of relief after such advancements. Earlier, procuring information and studying about something in deep was a problem as all the data and information weren’t always available.

Educational Technology

Today, with Wikipedia and statistics, understanding data, and gaining knowledge about anything is so easy. Even for a teacher, he should have the right amount of experience about any subject to be able to teach students. Having background knowledge and being following the news about the topics helps a teacher to prepare better. Again, supported by the internet.

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Let’s see the ways Educational Technology changes the way we think

Study Material: YouTube, Quora, Wikipedia, WikiHow, and Coursera are a few examples where a variety of information is available. Educational videos to DIYs, everything can be found. This array of data can be put to use as secondary reading material. Moreover, with links all around, reading about one thing makes you learn about ten other things.

Preparing Assignments: Doing assignments with resources from books isn’t something we are fond of. We all like to google everything up. Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias have all resources carefully accumulated where we can (literally) find anything. Furthermore, with stats available online, assignments have become even more fun. Illustrations, graphs, and statistical data can easily be put up and makes any bit of a document interesting.

Planning: Students nowadays travel in and out of their home country for education. Having to get admission to prominent universities requires proper planning and concentration. With the internet, anyone can go and lookup for colleges, check the eligibility criteria and start working on them. All the more, the internet helps to plan several additional aspects of life other than just education.

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