How DVT Compression Pump Device Save Lives

The advancement in medical technology helped patients who are suffering from DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or PE (Pulmonary Embolism) to avail benefits from DVT Compression Pump for their health safety. Compression devices are becoming a need in our society.

The health-conscious segment is trying their best to get maximum garments that can heel their lower limbs and get them quick recoveries from infections or diseases. To understand the importance of DVT pumps, you need to know in detail about all major elements of compression garments that play a major part in your healthy life.

What is a DVT Compression Pump?

The DVT Compression Pump is a lightweight device that is made of soft and cosy fabric that will be wrapped around your legs to offer you rapid blood circulation. This DVT device can come in the form of sleeves or cuffs with socks and stockings which apply high pressure on your calf muscles and ankle veins to force blood flow.

How DVT Compression Pump Device Save Lives

The compression machine comes in different shapes and designs as some of them are portable or some are only available in specific physiotherapy clinics. The importance of Compression garments is increasing rapidly which creates tough competition among the top best medical device sellers.

The quality matters because only that one specific DVT pump will recover your body from infection which performs its functions effectively and efficiently. The next question is directly linked with the basic function of the Deep Vein Thrombosis compression pump.

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How DVT Compression Pump prevents lower limb infections?

The DVT compression garments are designed to reduce swelling after injury or infection in your lower limbs due to rupture of tendons or DVT respectively. DVT Compression Pumps are used to provide the user comfort and remove blood clots in deep parts of their veins and arteries.

The question is how do they do this? The key job of DVT pumps is they exert cyclic pressure on your calf, foot, ankle, and toes which speeds up the blood velocity that prevents the coagulation of blood clots in your lower legs’ fluid vessels. After nonstop cyclic pressure, the accumulated waste in your veins will break down resulting in a healthy flow of blood.

The processing of pumping blood in your legs and sending the fluid in the whole body must be practised for at least a week. Your doctors will suggest when you can stop using a compression machine if they observe any improvement in your leg swelling due to PE or DVT.

The DVT pumps can also treat lymphedema which is another fatal infection that can cause inflammation or spider veins on your ankle or foot. These pumps when start exerting pressure on your feet and legs the combination of cold air and compression lowers down the pain level and gives a calm feeling to the user. The importance of DVT machines is present in abundance but some specific procedures must be followed to get positive results out of these devices.

How to use DVT Compression Pump?

The Deep Vein Thrombosis compression pump should be handled with care because these devices are highly fragile and must be used with proper instructions. You can use a DVT Compression Pump with the help of a nurse or medical expert or you can simply wear them if it comes with a guidebook.

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The DVT machine connects with your calf and ankle which then supply air pressure through valves infused in the compression sleeves that inflates the garment for an automatically timed cycle to prevent any pooling of blood in your veins. This phase will continue for some duration and you can remove them anytime if any irritation occurs.

What features of the DVT Compression Pump should be checked?

Three main features should be checked before buying a DVT machine:

  • Pressure Level
  • Battery timing
  • Fitting of sleeves

Pressure Level

The compression level is the main core of this medical device which comes in light medium and firm categories.

  • The light ranges between 15mmHg to 20mmHg
  • The medium ranges between 20mmHg to 30mmHg
  • The firm ranges between 30mmHg to 40mmHg.
  • The best level for DVT patients is between 20mmHg to 40mmHg.

Battery timing

The battery which is used in the compression devices must be FDA approved and works for a long period. If you bought a faulty device with failed battery then it may damage your skin or vein for overuse.

Fitting Matters

The fitting of your compression garment must cover your foot, ankles, and legs to provide a quality service. Loose-fitting might damage your thin tissues for irregular weight.

Medshoola the best Deep Vein Thrombosis compression pump

The Medshoola are the best DVT Compression Pump selling company in the U.S which offers the finest medical products that can prevent DVT/PE within weeks. Their compression garments are made with soft and elastic fabric which gives a smooth experience to their customers. Just visit to avail best compression socks, stockings, and pumps at exciting prices.

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How DVT Compression Pump Device Save Lives
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