WhatsHash is a new CRM for that enables organizations to connect and collaborate with their users using the WhatsApp platform. Although not fully functional yet, seems to be one of the most useful solutions in the long run for businesses looking to streamline their operations. Social media is the next frontier for companies searching for better communication and collaboration.

As more businesses go online, the need for better technology and better ways to interact is essential. One of the solutions on the horizon is WhatsHash CRM for WhatsApp, which has been put together for Small and Medium-Sized business owners. In a nutshell, WhatsHash provides a real-time group chat features with a visual representation of the group.

Users can share files and presentations as well as have access to each other’s contacts. Although the company claims that the system is fully functional, it does not currently feature a proper Web-based interface. The software that will be used in the creation of CRM for WhatsApp is called WhatsHash. This software is basically developed to simplify the entire CRM workflow of WhatsApp.

WhatsHash Power-Packed Features

  • Quick Replies: Need to send the same messages repeatedly? Quick Replies can be sent with just a click. You can also use placeholders like, etc.
  • Save Messages & Media: Save the text messages, photos & videos sent by customers forever on WhatsHash. Retrieve & filter them later in a powerful dashboard.
  • Build Customer Profile: Save additional customer information like Name, Email, etc. so whenever a customer reappears, you know everything about them.
  • Tags: Create & apply tags to Contacts, Messages & Media. Tags are like folders, makes content-manageable & helpful for generating reports.
  • Sales Funnel: Convert leads to customers with the help of Sales Funnel. Why buy a full-fledged CRM when you can do it with the help of WhatsApp!
  • Auto Sync Chat: With Auto-Sync Chat, you can easily sync the conversation of any contact, group or broadcast list
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You can use the WhatsHash to perform the following on your WhatsApp

Create Polls In WhatsApp: Nothing builds brand loyalty like showing your customers that you value their opinions. Use WhatsApp polls to engage with your customers and generate important marketing data that you can segment and implement into your future marketing campaigns.

Use WhatsHash as your Store on WhatsApp

Shopping on WhatsApp is very easy for the Customers but for Sellers, it is very unorganized & time-consuming. That’s why we have made Stores in WhatsHash. We make it super easy for both sellers & buyers by adding an intermediate platform. Learn more

  • You create a store with unique link & products.
  • Customer visits the link and does the shopping.
  • When customers place the order, you get it directly on WhatsApp!
  • No emails, no hosting, no domain setup required, just a WhatsApp. Learn how it works

Use WhatsHash to build your Online Biz Page

With ‘My Biz’, create a dedicated page of your business online and put helpful information for your customers.

  • Upload your logo and set business name.
  • Create a link like: .whats.bz
  • Add your WhatsApp numbers to let customers contact you directly.
  • Show your WhatsHash store links to let customers place orders. Learn more

Another system, known as I Done This is another business workflow solution that will be integrated into WhatsHash. It is basically a form builder, but unlike many of the other ones that have come before it, I Done This is specifically designed for mobile platforms. Furthermore, WhatsHash also uses I Done This’s another application, Buttons, as its second-in-command.

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I Done This is a simple collaboration tool for teams and personal users that turns the information you log into reports without extra work. The application is available through the website and through an email-based system motivating users to track their accomplishments and to-do lists as an alternative to using paper lists.

Users that are familiar with email-based systems can post their entries by replying to a Reminder email asking “What did you get done today?”. The timing and frequency of these emails can be adjusted in the user’s profile to accommodate time zones and preferences. I Done This also provides Digest emails, a summary of the information posted in I Done This and can be distributed team-wide

There are many benefits of integrating this workflow system with WhatsHash. Among these include

It is ideal for those who are already using a normal business workflow. Since WhatsHash is already installed on the computer, it is relatively easy to get started using it. It also reduces the time necessary to get familiar with the program, because most users already have some experience with it.

Businesses and individuals are able to work together in real-time, eliminating the use of the services of an employee who must be available 24 hours per day. With WhatsHash, meetings can be scheduled at specific times of the day. This means that meetings can be started and completed in the same amount of time that it would take to manually create the meeting, especially when there are multiple participants.

WhatsHash also integrates with other popular apps such as Gmail and Twitter. The integration allows users to add contacts from these apps to their WhatsHash contacts list. This feature makes it even easier to contact contacts from other apps.

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A single login and password will allow people to access all of WhatsHash’s features. The password will also be stored for maximum security so that no one else can get access to the user’s information.

WhatsHash allows users to work as a team, rather than individually. When a company sets up a WhatsHash team, they will have access to a variety of customizable features that allow them to coordinate projects and communicate with other teams.

WhatsHash seems to be gaining momentum in the marketplace, with many users already seeing the benefits of using the system. By adding a CRM for WhatsApp solution to an existing workflow, business owners can greatly improve their operations while still managing data.

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