How Does a Lighting Relay Panel Work

The lighting relay panel provides scalable and modular On/Off control over a lighting panel as part of a DALI system for convenient control of multiple On/Offloads. The lighting relay panel is designed to control several feeders through medium voltage indoor and outdoor switchgear in a primary distribution substation.

A lighting relay panel is typically deployed when associated switchgear does not have space to accommodate a substation’s protection, control, and monitoring needs. LynTec is a leading maker of inventive electrical power control answers for proficient sound, video, and lighting systems.

Working intimately with system planners, LynTec consolidates electrical security, circuit exchanging capacities, and a functional regulator inside a typical nook saving significant wall space, bringing down establishment costs, and improving system activity. This best-in-class way to deal with electrical control arrangements has situated LynTec as a believed asset for any requesting establishment with complex power control prerequisites.

LynTec Lighting Relay Panel

The relay-based system can add DMX control to 4, 8, or 10-20A circuits utilizing locking relays taken care of by circuit breakers from any brand/model power panel. The LCRP series of lighting regulators work perfectly in retrofit applications where you should add DMX control to a current power panel or when you have to control a few circuits.

Incorporating the product highlights into LynTec’s all’s LCP and LCLC lines is an incredible decision while adding DMX control to existing panel sheets that needn’t bother with being supplanted.

  • Tested, complete package, low work, mount close to the electrical switch panel to control AC power “hot” lines
  • Well-established, dependable, G-E RR7P3 locking relays snap in and have low voltage module connectors
  • Low power utilization — no consistent relay curl current — runs cool for long life
  • Symptomatic LEDs and inside ON – OFF test switches speed establishment for testing and investigating
  • Bureau and all parts associated with high voltage are Unlisted
  • Circuit tester agreeable
  • 4, 8, or 10 circuits — 120, 240, or 277volt models accessible
  • Daisy chains for limitless circuit count
  • Programmed load shedding and brownout assurance.
  • Underlying crisis abrogate capability
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Table of Contents

LC-10 Series

Each mechanized breaker is DMX512 addressable through a straightforward arrangement of jumpers on the LynTec lighting relay panel. When the DMX address beginning stage is set by embedding the jumper, each mechanized breaker has the following successive location doled out to it (one location for every breaker); the DMX administrator can then program the breaker addresses for individual control.

The LynTec lighting relay panel use however many locations as there are mechanized breakers associated with it, this recoveries important DMX addresses for other hardware. DMX orders for every breaker are on, off, or with no change.

For Copper Wire Only

This item is NEC 110 Consistent when utilized in understanding with the following: Reasonable For Use On A Circuit Equipped for Conveying Not more than 10kA Sym. Amps., 277 Volts Maximum.UL Recorded 508G Modern Control Gear — CSA guaranteed Low voltage qualities — RR7P3 P3 postfix signifies a 3 pin, .156″ AMP or Molex connector joined.

RR9P has a five-pin connector. Activating curls: 21-30 Vac (class 2) Passing. OFF (1-black), ON (2-red), Normal (3-Blue) 55-60 Ohms DCR, each curl.

Square D’s Powerlink Breaker

  • Strong development and exceptionally compelling excursion component give unparalleled distant activity ability concerning electrical evaluations and mechanical life (appraised for 200,000 cycles)
  • Mechanized systems can open and close the contacts when the electrical switch handle is ON
  • Contacts can’t be shut remotely when the handle is in the OFF position, or the electrical switch is stumbled
  • Manual abrogate selector situated on the facade of the electrical switch fundamental when crisis power control is required
  • Contact status indication – this unrivalled capacity guarantees the genuine status of the branch circuit is reflected in the distant area
  • Accessible in 15, 20, and 30 A, one, two, and three shafts
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The lighting relay panel is used for protection and control, measurement, and monitoring of electrical equipment such as

  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Busbars
  • Cable or line feeders
  • Bus couplers
  • Capacitor banks
  • Voltage protection etc.

Deploying a lighting relay panel solution enhances the safety of the substation engineer, as exposure to live switchgear is mitigated.

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