How B2B Video Marketing Can Boost Your Business

If you’re interested in bringing your company’s message to a broader audience through videos, you’re not alone. There are numerous ways to use the power of video to reach business people. Case studies, customer testimonials, and explainer videos can help your company get noticed.

B2B video marketing involves planning, creating and sharing your content in video format with your Business-2-Business audience. B2B videos can include

  • Social media videos
  • Webcasts
  • Video Podcasts
  • Live streams and much more.

And you can even host webinars using video content. To learn more about video marketing for business, read this article. It’s time to start creating your videos!

B2B Video Marketing for Case Studies

Like I said earlier, B2B video marketing can be an effective way to increase brand awareness and generate sales. Almost 90% of online customers find watching videos helpful during decision-making. Videos can help increase sales conversion and qualify prospects by offering concise, bite-size information.

B2B Video Marketing

Here are some best practices to keep in mind while creating a B2B video.

  • B2B video will be concise and focus on the essential features of your product or service
  • The length of a B2B video case study can range anywhere from three minutes to 20 minutes
  • The more comprehensive case studies have more narrative content, while the shorter ones focus on facts and results
  • For a complete case study, include quotes from multiple stakeholders
  • If the video is for a high-ticket service, involve multiple members of the organization
  • By capturing the perspectives of each stakeholder, you can better target potential clients and make your brand look good

In addition to being more engaging, video content is more likely to engage viewers. Even simple interviews become more powerful when they are seen on video.

In addition to this, the power of video marketing is unmatched, as it lets buyers see and hear the star of a case study. Moreover, because viewers are used to sharing links, a B2B video marketing strategy can help your customers relate to the story. It may even lead to a discussion.

B2B Video Marketing for Explainer Videos

In B2B video marketing, animated explainer videos are the way to go. These videos are typically a few minutes long and use animation to demonstrate a product’s or service’s features and benefits.

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Since 2021, animated explainer videos have had the highest return on investment. With a video an explainer video, viewers will understand why your brand is the best choice. It will also demonstrate how distinct and unique your brand is from your competitors.

Benefits of B2B Video Marketing

Explainer videos have many benefits. They are easily shared across digital platforms, which helps them reach a broader audience. The more people see your video, the more you can build brand loyalty. SEO is a sustainable method of building relationships and generating qualified leads.

Properly executed SEO practices will boost your website’s rankings on search engines, making your videos more visible to targeted visitors. So, if you’re a B2B video marketer, explainer videos are the best way to increase traffic. Your explainer video’s production should be as simple or complex as possible, depending on your objectives.

If your explainer video is simple, you can create it independently, but if you have more complex goals, you may need to hire a video agency. Once you’ve created your video, it’s time to distribute it on different channels. Consider sending it to your email list or signature so your prospects can view it when they’re ready to buy.

Customer testimonials

A successful b2B video marketing strategy should include customer testimonials. Customer testimonials are short videos that speak directly to potential customers about your business’s products or services. The ideal length of a customer testimonial is between 45 and 60 seconds.

To create a testimonial video, ask the customer to share their personal experience with the product or service. Try to make the interview feel casual and easygoing. The more relaxed the interviewee is, the more likely they will give a positive testimonial about your brand.

When asking a customer to provide a testimonial, the most important thing to remember is to ensure that the customer is happy with your product or service. Asking a customer to provide a testimonial can be a nerve-wracking experience, so if possible, ask them first if they would be comfortable giving you a testimonial.

If the customer is resistant, you can offer them a discount or other incentive. A testimonial video should be unique and include the client’s story and a specific pain point. Make sure to include questions such as:

  • What are the benefits of using your product?
  • What were the issues before, and how did the company solve them?
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Make the testimonials relatable and personal, so prospective customers feel like they’re part of the same experience. Then, make your video compelling by offering solutions to their everyday problems.

B2B Video Marketing for Webinars

Webinars are an excellent way to reach a larger audience if you’re using a B2B video marketing strategy. You can hold one or more monthly webinars; they don’t need to take up too much of your time. The best thing about webinars is that they can be broadcast live or recorded to be viewed later.

Alternatively, you can divide your recordings into shorter pieces and offer them as part of a training course. Webinars are also an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise in your field. Because there are so many B2B video producers, creating one that stands out is essential.

Consider using thought leadership videos to highlight your expertise in your field or a specific topic. These videos are also a great way to demonstrate your authority and generate new leads. You can also include testimonial videos in your webinars.

Aside from being a valuable tool for video marketing, webinars can also be a great way to promote your products. Consider creating a video demo of your latest product and displaying it prominently on your website.

You can also use the video as sales collateral, which makes it even better for your B2B video marketing campaign. You can also use the videos to answer questions related to your industry and products. You can even use live videos to build a community around your company.

B2B Video Marketing as Instructional videos

A compelling B2B video should educate the audience about a product or service. This type of content can be helpful for B2B companies of all sizes. These videos can show customers how to operate a product or service or educate them on how it benefits them.

Educational videos can help brands of all sizes become more credible and increase their credibility in the industry. Companies selling storage containers, for example, might release instructional videos about the importance of organizing their home or the statistics on video marketing.

When producing a B2B video, remember to keep the content short. Since B2B products and services can be complicated, a simple video can help consumers understand the benefits of your products or services.

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This content can also be used as blog content, social media posts, and interactive infographics. A good B2B video marketing campaign should entertain and educate the audience. Be sure to create content based on the specific needs of your target audience.

Creating an instructional video for B2B video marketing is not as hard as you may think. First of all, you can use your iPhone to film your video. It will give it a more authentic feel and make it easier for viewers to follow the content.

Additionally, you can create a B2B video marketing tutorial on a topic related to your product or service. Instructional videos are among the most popular content on YouTube.

StackAdapt’s YouTube channel

StackAdapt recently announced a partnership with Bombora, an intent data aggregator. The partnership will enable the marketing team to use Bombora’s ABM Audiences for digital marketing campaigns. This new service will also measure B2B research data, allowing marketing teams to advertise to specific companies and employees.

StackAdapt’s video marketing solution has an Outstream format that automatically plays high-quality video content. StackAdapt’s YouTube channel for Ad campaigns uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to deliver ads to users who are most likely interested in the product or service.

The company’s page-context AI tool delivers a higher CPA than other marketing techniques for lead-generation campaigns. StackAdapt’s integration with AgencyAnalytics provides clients with a simple, intuitive dashboard and reporting platform.

Using a company’s YouTube channel for a B2B video marketing campaign can provide a richer experience than individual uploads. Branded channels can feature creative elements that reflect the company’s brand and segmented videos.

B2B marketers can use YouTube to deliver a cohesive brand story to give their viewers a memorable experience. StackAdapt’s YouTube channel for B2B video marketing is an example.

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