Health Blogging Ideas to Earn Money From Home

The beauty of the internet is the ability to reach more people and position your areas of expertise as instant “selling” points. And, making money through health blogging is no exception. Many websites tout their ability to help health bloggers quickly scale from $0 to over $100,000 in annual revenue all by doing one thing: blogging.

With the world in the throes of the most widespread global health crisis in our lifetime, health blogging wellness related articles have instantly become a must-search item for all major search engines.

In March 2020, for example, consultants found that anxiety and worry-related keyword usage in Google searches skyrocketed in 2020. So, with more traffic naturally gravitating to health blogging and health-related blogs, this represents a great opportunity for health bloggers to cash in.

Health Blogging Ideas to Earn Money From Home

The key will be in establishing trust with your followers so they both know that you have unshakable credibility to share the information you do and that you have a high level of expertise in the topics you write about on your health blogging site to warrant charging for them – just as the experts at Good Fat ROI have done.

There are two specific ways that you can use to quickly monetize your health blogging and healthcare writing blog without needing an extensive marketing budget.

Explore Affiliate Partnerships

Health-conscious consumer will do their due diligence to find the best products and services on the internet to help them enhance their health. And, with so many “fly by night” health solutions out there, 70% of consumers will follow a recommendation, especially from a person or brand they trust.

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As a health blogger, you can generate lots of traffic to your website through health blogging and leverage this to make money by promoting products, whether through review-style blogs or by way of sharing your personal experience with various products or services you use for your healthcare regime.

By incorporating affiliate links, you can get paid for purchases made on third party sites, like Amazon, when your blog followers click through from your blog.

The primary thing to be aware of with affiliate marketing is that you are (even if indirectly) endorsing the products unless you explicitly state otherwise. With that being said, if there should be qualms with the quality of the product or Amazon price mistakes on products you have endorsed, then this could damage your credibility and trust with your followers.

So, be sure to be intentional about who you partner with and use as part of an affiliate campaign.

Sell Your Services and Information

If you’d rather avoid any crazy Amazon price mistakes or other snafus with affiliate links, you can also bundle the information you share and sell your exclusive content.

This could be through creating an online course, or offering how-to guides, or even creating a tiered membership level where users can pay a monthly subscription fee to get access to live Q&As or special health content not available to other blog followers.

The possibilities of how you can package and sell your content are endless. What will be important is to do the market research first to pinpoint what specific topics and health areas your followers are interested in the most, so you can create information packages around these areas.

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For example, if you find that your diabetes-related content outperforms other content on your website and/or social media, then exploring a “how to manage your diabetes at home” program of some sort may be the best route to take. This is where tracking and understanding how your following consumes your content is key.

You want to create services that are tailored to their pain points so you can leverage the expertise and credibility you’ve already amassed to become an instant best-seller (and frankly a no-brainer purchase) in the eyes of your followers.

Even selling time to meet with you for one-on-one consults can be an easy way to monetize your blog, especially if you have medical credentials to back up your words.

With so many people searching online now for health blogging information, if you haven’t explored ways to monetize your health blog, then now is the time. Get creative with what your followers can purchase, but always make sure it is highly relevant to their interests, pain points, and wants.

If you take the time to get to know your list, do the market research, and create high-quality information products for your audience, then scaling your health blog to six figures will not take very long.

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Health Blogging Ideas to Earn Money From Home
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