Graphology is an analysis of the body structures and patterns of handwriting analysis claiming to be able to differentiate the writer from other , identifying the writer’s emotional state during the writing process, or assessing personality traits.

It is generally regarded as pseudoscience and is not recognized by most academic institutions. However, it has been used by some firms for business reasons for many years, sometimes against clients’ wishes.

This particular method has been adopted in cases where handwriting analysis may not prove conclusive in proving the identity of the writer. The technique is widely used in legal proceedings where handwriting analysis is essential in establishing the identity of the plaintiff.

Handwriting Analysis Test

There are two distinct but different uses of graphology. One in private practice and the other for research purposes. The latter involves collecting data from various sources and then comparing that data with a large database. It can be very difficult, however, to gather enough data in order to be of any use in research.

Graphology Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis can also be used in private practice by people who are looking to establish their identity in the business world. Often clients will provide information in regards to the writing style they have used for years.

This may include the amount of practice, the speed and frequency of writing, the content of the writing and the length of time it was written. All these things will be used to determine the quality of the client’s handwriting. Read: Handwriting Analysis: The Complete Basic Book

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Good handwriting analysis will take all the information provided and compare it with databases of existing samples, which will then indicate whether or not a certain pattern or style would appear on a sample of another handwriting style.

A trained professional will then be able to accurately make a determination about the writer. Handwriting analysis is also commonly applied in court cases and lawsuits, and claims can be made against the plaintiff based on handwriting analysis.

Handwriting Analysis Personality Traits

In this situation, the attorney must gather enough information in order to present strong evidence in court. Graphology may also be useful in determining whether or not a person is married pregnant or is having an affair. For these situations, the use of handwriting analysis is often very crucial because it helps to establish paternity or establish that the other person is not the father.

The important thing people need to know about handwriting analysis is that it may be used in more than just business and law matters. For instance, if you are dating someone you will want to know a few things about their handwriting.

The first thing you should ask yourself when you do find out about your partner’s handwriting is whether or not they have always used a specific style of lettering. Some people write in script, while others write in cursive. Read: A Top Expert Reveals the Secrets Hidden in Your Handwriting

If your partner has always used scriptwriting in correspondence, then that could be a sign that your relationship could be a little rocky. Also, when you find that your partner is using different styles of handwriting, then this could be a sign that they are trying to hide something from you.

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If they always start each sentence with the same letter, then this could be a warning sign of lying, since your partner will want you to think that everything that they say is sincere You should also make sure that you check to see if your partner is being truthful about their personal information because you do not want to find out later that they are lying. and you will need to keep some form of control.

You should also be careful not to judge your partner’s handwriting too harshly. Because there are cases where handwriting analysis can lead to jail time, some attorneys will not use it if it seems obvious that the person is lying. Read: Succeeding in the Business of Handwriting Analysis: keys to a successful practice

Many professionals will give you good results by examining only a small section of the paper before concluding that the handwriting does not match what you are looking for. However, if your partner is unwilling to disclose their handwriting, then your job of finding out more about the person is left up to you.

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