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Freelance Copywriter: 12 Best Tips to Become a Pro

Freelance copywriters are those individuals who write copy on a contract or project basis for commercial purposes. A freelance copywriter can work directly with clients or through a copywriting agency that will act as an intermediary between the freelance copywriter and the client.

Many enterprises are using the services of freelance copywriters in the promotion of their brands and services to help in driving organic traffic to their business websites. As a freelance copywriter, you need to understand the different services you offer and the best way to make your copywriting skills stand out from the crowd.

The benefit of Working as a Freelance Copywriter?

When you become a freelance copywriter, there are certain benefits that full-time workers don’t always get to experience which you will be enjoying.

  • Freedom to choose: When working on a freelance job, you will have the ability to choose which jobs or projects you want to accept and which ones you don’t want to accept. This freedom can help you to focus on the writing topics that interest you the most.
  • Flexible in your schedule: Since you are going to be working on a contractual basis, you will often have the ability to choose when you want to work and the time duration you want to work. You may be finished working on a project for the week and you may already have met your income goal. You can take the rest of the week for yourself or focus on other things, such as generating more freelance jobs.
Freelance Copywriter
  • Variety of work: As a freelance copywriter you can generate content for different organizations. A copywriter might develop an article on the best types of IT career on a day and write a product spotlight for real estate investment tools the next day. Creating content for different fields and businesses can help keep a freelance copywriter’s daily workload fresh and exciting.
  • Being Creative in Thinking: Copywriting allows a freelancer to work in a field that requires some creativity. Figuring out the best way to approach a topic or market a product can require both problem solving and critical thinking. These types of challenges can make each workday of a freelance writer unique, which can increase motivation and productivity.
  • Marketing knowledge: Becoming a freelance copywriter can help individuals develop impressive marketing skills and knowledge. This knowledge can help the individuals market their services more effectively and also prepare them to explore other positions and career opportunities in the future.

Other levels of Copywriting

  • Corporate Copywriters: Corporate copywriters understand and communicate the brand to support their mission and engage their target audience. Being a corporate copywriter is arguably the most invisible of the freelance copywriting disciplines — it’s not sexy like fiction and hardly as impressive as journalism, but it keeps the wheels of the marketing machine greased and helps you present a unified face to the public. Most of the television commercials that made you giggle and every jingle that ever got lodged permanently in your head was the result of a masterful corporate copywriter. While there are a lot of different types of marketing pieces that fall under the umbrella of corporate copywriting, their goals are all similar. Read more
  • Agency copywriters: This is a marketing agency that specializes in writing sales copy and other forms of business material. Copywriting might not be your agency’s speciality, it is an indispensable part of providing great deliverables. Whether you’re building modern websites, executing growth marketing or high-level PR, or developing a distinctive brand, finding the right words can slow you down—and the wrong words can hurt the value of your work. Copywriting agencies will perform several different services and processes to help your campaign succeed. Here are the main benefits of hiring a copywriting agency. And much more
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What Exactly Does a Freelance Copywriter Do?

Freelance copywriters create content for a variety of mediums. Some of the most common mediums for freelance copywriters to work with include

  • Email marketing: This is the act of sending advertisements to consumers through email. Most often, when companies use email marketing, they send out emails en masse to their mailing lists, notifying them about promotions to ask the customer for feedback, and highlighting new product releases. Attempting to attract business through email marketing can be a daunting task for some businesses, which is why it’s one area where copywriters are most useful. Freelance copywriters use their knowledge of wordplay, composition and emotional appeals to grab readers’ attention and create compelling calls to action. Some companies even use helpful marketing tools to automatically fill in names and purchasing history into each email so the consumer feels like the company is sending them a personal message.
  • Social Media Work: A social media freelance copywriter helps in updating a company’s social media pages with the latest company news, tracks user engagement and responds to its followers promptly. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the company’s brand and online voice remains effective and consistent with its marketing goals. To succeed as a social media freelance copywriter, you must have exceptional writing skills with a flair for words. In addition to that, you must also have prior experience in the social media marketing or social media advertising.
  • Website Copy Work: Website freelance copywriting is the process of writing “copy” – words designed to prompt action – for a website. As a freelance copywriter, you must be able to create a compelling copy that can keep website visitors engaged and lead them to take actions that are both important to the website’s and meaningful to them.
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Even though website copywriting has many extensions e.g.

  1. Social Media Posts
  2. Online Ads
  3. Email marketing campaigns

Even for talented writers, freelance copywriting is an intentional form of writing that has to be learned and practised. It’s a skill set that rarely comes easy.

How to become a freelance copywriter

Freelance copywriting is one of the most lucrative jobs in the online marketing world, and it fills a critical need for any modern business. Online businesses need to have a strong copy to generate any sales. That is why the skills of a freelance copywriter are in such high demand these days and, as a result, can command high rates. To become a freelance copywriter, the simple steps below can help you to get started

  • Reading Copy: If you want to start a career as a freelance copywriter, the most important thing you can do is become an avid reader, specifically of other forms of copy. Reading
  1. Blog posts
  2. Advertisements
  3. Direct response marketing books, and other forms of content

Can help you understand how other writers approach their work and how to differentiate good copy from bad. When you explore other people work, you will be able to develop your own freelance skills by analyzing the content you are reading.

  • Conducting Company Research: Conducting company research can help you to determine which businesses have an interest in your freelance services. 2 things to consider when researching different companies are their current marketing tactics and if they are familiar with content marketing strategies. If you notice a company has a blog that is continuously generating a lot of content, it is possible they already have a team of writers or a marketing company helping them produce it. However, if the company has a smaller blog that posts inconsistently, or if it has a website that’s a little outdated, they might be more inclined to use your services and expertise. Most often, for new freelance copywriters, it is helpful to target smaller or newer businesses that might not be as familiar with copywriting and content marketing. Your research may reveal which companies accept freelance writer inquiries and indicate the best way to contact them for writing opportunities.
  • Develop your Portfolio: Before you can submit your resume and query letters to different companies for a freelance copywriter job, it is important to develop the portfolio that showcases your talents and ability to deliver quality copywriting services. A portfolio often consists of example writing material from previous jobs. If you are brand new to freelance copywriting, you can create spec pieces for your portfolio. Spec pieces are work that nobody has paid you to create, but they can help clients understand your technical skills and writing style before you land your first writing gig. Once you’ve completed a few high-quality spec pieces, you can add them to your portfolio to present to potential clients. Just be sure to mention somewhere in the piece that the article is spec work so the client knows you’re not exaggerating your previous paid experience.
  • You need to Specialize: Though freelance copywriters can often apply their skills to many fields and industries, specializing in one or two fields can help you market your services to companies more easily. That’s because it’s often easier to market your services if the company trusts your understanding of specific industry terms and knows that you have experience attracting clients for other businesses like their own. If you focus your freelance writing in the digital marketing sector, digtal marketing companies and businesses can read your previous work and feel more confident in hiring you and your services. However, if you try to market your services to a fashion business while only having experience writing for digital companies, they might feel less inclined to hire you.
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How to find a freelance copywriters jobs

Freelance copywriting is one crucial job as it has to be completed within the period given, with the highest quality. This is a versatile platform for writers as they have to show their practical writing skills. They have to manage technical writing, general writing, and if needed, medical writings too.

The professional freelance copywriter will show his/her skill by working fast and giving high-quality writings. So if you are a person looking for new opportunities in this field and want to make it big by exploring many aspects, Freelancer.com is the best place for satisfying your job needs in the field of freelance copywriting.

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