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Free Website Search Engine Optimization Guides for High CTR

This is another article from our desk today on how you can promote your self-host website or blog for free doing some website search engine optimization and getting guaranteed daily free website traffic. By now, I presume that any blogger either newbie or pro blogger should know that without website traffic, is going to be very hard for you to succeed as a blogger.

This article is going to basically based on the guaranteed daily free website search engine optimization you need to strictly adhere to for the greatest success of your online marketing business.

After perusing through this article, you can as well share your own gospel truth on how you have been getting uninterrupted daily free website traffic to your site without any hassle or breaking your safe.

Listed below are my Website Search Engine Optimization Tips for daily free website traffic 

* Most important step to take for the success of your website or blog is to choose a searchable or search engine optimized keyword name
* Create a Facebook Fan page for your website and start updating the Fanpage with your site latest post to get guaranteed daily traffic generator from the Fanpage

* Register an account with HubPages and create Hub to start driving traffic from HubPages to your website/blog
* Register and verify your website or blog with Webmaster Tools like Google, Bing, and Yahoo

* Submit your site RSS feeds URL to major RSS Directories
* You need to Joined popular Forums and update your profile, create a signature with your website URL on the Forums
* Do not just register on this Forums, always be active by contributing to latest or trending issues and you can drop a link of any of your site post related to the trending issues

 Search Engine Optimization

* Create a twitter account for your website and promote it to get more followers that will be reading your tweets from your site
* Less I forget, you need to also promote your Facebook fan page to get more followers because of the more your followers the more the traffic to your site

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* Visit other popular websites and blogs related to your niche to learn new things from them and always contribute by dropping relevant comments on the sites
* Always update your site by posting at least 2 to 3 articles daily
* Register and verify your site with Alexa and make sure you create an Alexa Toolbar for your site to share with friends and relatives
* After an update on your site, make sure you ping your site using Pingomatic or Pingler for faster crawling of your site by search engine

* Another wonderful way of guaranteed daily free website traffic generation to your site is making sure you beat other people in your niche by writing on the latest issues first before other

* Make sure you always compare your site with another popular site in your niche to see what you can also add to your site to spice it up
* If possible, you can hire people to redesign your site template to make it look wonderful and attracts more website visitors to your site.

Now is your turn to tell us about your own way of doing website search engine optimization for guaranteed daily free website traffic 

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