This statistic can be intimidating for a small business owner. The stakes are high when comes to making a positive first impression. It is much more challenging to stand out as people use social media ads every second of every day. Social media images in your posts can generate 650 percent more engagement than text-only posts.

Are you are looking for a way to capture the interest of potential buyers in a brief period?

Images are a surefire way to do this. But wait a minute! You can try this out. You may be an expert in baking, accounting spreadsheets, exercise courses, real estate, church services, or restaurant management.

Free Social Media Images

That may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about specialties. If you own a photography firm or have a photographer on board, odds are you could benefit from any assistance in seeking crisp, clean photographs to use in your ads.

Stock images have come a long way from the days of “people smiling alone with lettuce” – today, you can find sleek stock photography and shot to posting heaven, and it’s always online.

Stock photos have never been more available or more excellent, than they are now, whether you’re making an editorial calendar for a customer or need an aesthetically appealing shot to punch up a blog post.

Stock media is more helpful to marketers than ever before, and we don’t just mean posting a bland landscape image to the feeds. We’re talking about one-of-a-kind stock graphics to supplement your social media artistic approach, immersive footage and animations to elevate your videos, and on-brand audio to lend your post a little extra oomph!

All while assisting you in saving space, time, and money. Previously, brands and companies could not use stock properties on social media for fear of being inauthentic or cheesy. However, stock properties are now much more imaginative and flexible than you would imagine.

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Thousands of dedicated photographers, videographers, and social media post designers are working hard to create ready-to-use media that you can incorporate into your approach. When combined with stock libraries such as Unsplash, Stocksy United, and Offset, you have access to millions of royalty-free images!

IM Free

IM Free describes itself as a “curated series of free web design tools, all for commercial use.” The royalty-free stock images are divided into categories like science, education, and wildlife. However, stock photographs aren’t the only item available on the web. There are also free models, icons, button creators, and other features.


Pexels, which was established in 2014, offers high-quality, royalty-free stock images you can download and use as your social media images. Their goal is to provide stunning images to designers in order for them to make awesome things, crafts, stories, blogs, and more.

Pexels has its own licence that allows users to use images on the web for free, for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Can can can edit and upload photographs without giving credit. Pexels lets you look for a keyword and then offers similar searches.

A search for “wellness,” for example, returns 50+ images as good as additional recommended search words such as food, exercise, and spa.


Pixabay has almost 500,000 free photographs and videos for both personal and commercial use for your social media images. All of the photographs on the web are royalty-free and licenced under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licence, which ensures they can be edited and used commercially both digitally and in print.


Gratisography is one of the most interesting free stock photo sites thanks to photographer Ryan McGuire’s eccentric style, which captures everything from people making goofy faces to airborne cats. Both of the images are high-resolution and royalty-free, and they can be seen anywhere you can try this out.

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The pictures are divided into the following categories: creatures, nature, artefacts, people, urban, and whimsical. And new ones for social media images are being introduced on a weekly basis, which McGuire promotes on Twitter and .

Burst by Shopify

Shopify organized internal photo shoots to produce high-quality photographs of a diverse group of ethnicities and genders in the workplace in order to combat the problem of diversity and inclusion in media and marketing.

The set is now available for personal and commercial use on Burst, a new stock photo platform. Hootsuite has collaborated with Burst to create a special series of stock images for users social media images.

Creative Commons Search

Creative Commons Search provides easy access to search information offered by other non-profit organisations. Since the provider has no power over the results obtained, do not presume that the results shown in this search engine are licenced under a Creative Commons licence.

You should still follow the connection to ensure that the work is actually licenced under a Creative Commons licence.


Fancycrave is a website that offers free public domain photo sets for social media images. It works with independent photographers to create emotionally charged images for your project. It also offers a premium service with more one-of-a-kind and exclusive pictures.


Reshot takes pride in offering “uniquely free photos” as well as “tonnes of handpicked, non-stocky images.” All images on Reshot can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. It’s easy to find a picture on Reshot.

Simply type in what you’re looking for, hit check, and you’ll be rewarded with stunning images that will liven up every social media message. You may also share a Tweet to download Reshot’s customised Fast Image Packs, such as the Diversity Matters Pack or the Active Lifestyle Pack.

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Flickr is a popular photo-sharing website that allows users to upload, sort, browse, and share their images online. It has a section with photographs that have been shared with Creative Commons license users can use a social media images.


RawPixel takes pride in creating the most extensive set of stock images available. The online resource is attempting to transform the face of stock photography by launching the (one) world face initiative, which aims to photograph people from every country in the world.

Aside from this fantastic project, RawPixel offers a dynamic range of free stock photography for social media images designer that is sure to suit the next campaign.


Another excellent source of free stock social media images is Freestocks. The distinction between Freestocks and any of the other websites on this list is that this website gets its photographs from three photographers who do stock photography in their spare time. Though their staff is small, their images are of high quality and useful for a variety of purposes

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