Free Press Release Websites to Promote your Business

Press release websites are high page ranked sites that you can use to promote your business online to gain new readers who will read about your products or services on the free press release websites publication it appears in, and also get additional traffic through search engines. A press release is an official statement delivered to members of the news media for the purpose of providing information, an official statement or making an announcement.

The release information on the free press release websites can be of benefit to media corporations because it helps to reduce costs and improve the amount of material a company can output in a certain amount of time. Due to the high ranking of the press release websites, any page and links appearing on these sites will be given more weight by search engines.

When someone searches the Internet with specific keywords related to your product and service, there is a very good chance that your press release will show up in the search results. The user will be able to read about you and quite often may decide to visit your site and further explore it, your site may also start appearing higher in searches as now you have high page rank links pointing to your website.

Top Free Press Release Websites to Consider Using from Today

Free Press Release Websites

Express Press Release

This is one of the internet largest press release distribution website with thousands of clients around the world including global 500 brands like Hilton Hotels, Barclays Bank, AXA Insurance. Express press release network is also known as one of the most trusted PR group of sites on the web with more than 10,000 press releases distributed per month.

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Express press release network is distributing over, releasing via, and submitting your press releases to the Web, the News, the Blogosphere and the social media sites as well and is reaching out to thousands of individuals, companies, PR specialists, media professionals, bloggers and journalists on daily basis.

The express press release is getting between 150,000 to sometimes 500,000 unique visitors per month while website’s viral reach could possibly go to as much as 1 million people per month through its presence and activities across various social media sites. To submit a press release, you must make sure your news is genuine, is a new development, new product launch, new service, new hire, new partnership, new award, new event, new deal, new campaign, new promotion etc.


This is one press release website has become one of the free press release websites for online media resource portals acting as an online hub between opt-in journalists and PR organisation and business. PR professionals are able to post unlimited press releases to the pressbox newswire and directory. Opt-in journalists are then able to browse the directory in their own time and make contact about stories they are interested in. PressBox press release website is being used by the journalist to collate, distribute and maintain quality news to inform targeted audiences.

This is a public database that provides ‘primary source’ data for publicity services with its raw data presented to media outlets. It is an unparalleled research tool providing searchable ‘secondary data’ for research purposes. Encompasses an online archive of media and business information the is searchable by search engines, directories and portals internationally. PressBox is a comprehensive one-stop media industry resource for use by all media professionals whether they are PR’s, journalists, freelancers or reporters.

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Free Press Release

A free press release website that is providing a press release distribution service. The free press release was founded in 2001 by Maxo Group aiming in helping small, medium or large-sized enterprises to optimize their online marketing strategies. It has grown into one of the leading websites in the press release industry. Today, the free press release has established itself as a multi-channel press release website to support press releases in different areas.

Free press release clients and registered members cover the globe, including individuals, corporations and governments. Besides the press release distribution service, Free press release also extended its business to trade shows, tenders and jobs vacancies to provide people with timely and valuable business information on these fields. Free press release partners include Google, Citibank, Paypal, Yahoo, Swreg, Digital River, Facebook and other companies.


Free press release website is delivering users story where it counts: to journalists, bloggers, consumers and stakeholders, with a focus on Australia and New Zealand. NewsMaker provides free Online PR Newsrooms which you can customise and share on Twitter or in a blog or website using the built-in RSS feed.

Unlike other free press release websites, Google has accredited NewsMaker as an official press release service, however, Google changes its algorithm regularly and the website cannot guarantee that your press release will meet Google criteria typically your press release will appear in Search within minutes.

NewsMaker press release service is free to join. The press website has built its business based on 2 major customer benefits: They save you time and keep your operational costs to a minimum. Their staff who are highly qualified journalists and PR professionals, provide you with unparalleled support so you can make the most of the service.

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NewsMaker delivers your high-quality media content with no external advertising so readers focus only on your press release. Newsmaker is an award-winning press release distribution service that provides a fast, easy-to-use solution for PR professionals and marketers.

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