Free Google Web Designer Tool to Create Motion Graphics

Google Web Designer is an interactive program created by Google for Windows, Mac and Linux to create complex HTML5 ads and other HTML5 content. The program offers a graphical user interface with common design tools, such as a Text tool that integrates with Google Web Fonts, a Shapes tool, a Pen tool, and 3D tools.

Users can also create animations in the program in two modes, a Quick mode and an Advanced mode. In Quick mode, user can build their animation scene by scene: they can add a new view of the entire page, change the elements they want to animate, and, optionally, modify their transition times and easings.

The advanced mode lets users individually animate each of the elements, optionally modifying transition times and easing as well. Advanced mode also shows layers, which let users changes where each element is in the stack of elements.

Google Web Designer’s Code view lets the user also create CSS, JavaScript, and XML files, and uses syntax highlighting and code autocompletion that makes the code easier to write with fewer errors. Google Web Designer is free to download and free to use.

Let’s take a look at the features of Google Web Designer that makes it perfect for creating HTML5 designs and animation ads.

Google Web Designer Features

Google Web Designer

Revamped Web Components: Google Web Designer has many revamped web components like Canvas shapes, 360 Gallery, Carousel Gallery, Swipeable Gallery, iFrame, Map, Tap Area, Video, and YouTube etc. to offer.

It further consists of the Gesture Components to facilitate the use of touch and mouse tracking, taps, clicks and other touch gestures. It gives you a TaptoCall feature to initiate a phone call to your specified contact number.

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Full 3D authoring environment: Creating and manipulating 3D content utilizing an array of tools and the power of CSS3. Rotating objects and even 2D designs along any axis, visualizing 3D transformations and translations as you author.

Design view and code view: Code view lets you view and edits your code in Google Web Designer’s built-in code editing tool. Code view lets you create CSS, JavaScript, and XML files. Code view uses code autocompletion which makes your code easier to write, with fewer errors.

For Ads and HTML files, user can switch between Code view and Design view, with the changes that you make to the code in Code view reflected in the Design view. This lets user immediately test how changes in your code will affect your designs. Users can also select objects with the Selection tool and change the CSS styling for those objects in the CSS panel.

Illustration tools: Import assets from any other creative suite or use the built-in illustration tools to create vector-style artwork keeping your designs light. To create new HTML tags in your designs, just draw them in with the Tag tool. The CSS panel lets you edit current styles, as well as add new CSS rules.

Easy ad workflow: Google Web Designer makes it simple to publish ads through any platform. Choose from DoubleClick Studio or AdMob, or go for the Generic option to push content through any other ad network. No coding required.

The advertising feature set includes components to add Google Maps, YouTube videos and more, as well as automatically including the tracking code events for DoubleClick and AdMob.

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Integration With Google Drive: Google Drive is majorly seen as a backup or a platform to share documents. But Google Web Designer utilizes it in a highly innovative manner to publish the documents. This feature facilitates a preview of your creation on any browser a desktop or a mobile. This feature makes GWD unique amongst the other available editors.

Animation Modes: Google Web Designer Software includes many animation options like animation scrubbing, timeline events, auto keyframing with animation modes. It has two animation modes: Quick and Advanced. In Quick Animation Mode, you can create an animation scene by scene by adding a new view of the entire page.

Users can change the elements, modify the transition timelines, easing and much more. But in Advanced Mode, you have better command over individual frames. It will display the layers to modify each element from a stack of elements.

With the above features, Google Web Designer is a good design tool to work visually without messing with the code. The automation features of Google Web Designer gives you the freedom to design without worrying about displays as the Google Web Designer designs and motion graphics can run on any device.

If you download the Google Web Designer, you will perform better as an ad designer. It carries some options for web designing, though, which are not suitable for quality web designs. Google Web Designer is suitable for only those users who have little knowledge of HTML & CSS.

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