Flagging Tape or Fluorescent Tape Various Uses

There are various reasons behind the popularity of the Flagging tapes but if we speak about the main reason behind success in various industries they are very easy to use. The Flagging Tape which is also known as Fluorescent Tape can be very easily set up for safety marking. It also can use for colour-code key areas.

These tapes are normally used to highlight those critical areas where these tapes are very necessary. Almost every type of flagging tape is particularly crafted to resist natural wear and tear and also fading. This reason is enough to make the Flagging Tape very suitable for marking any type of hazards.

Fluorescent Tape

These tapes are very much different from other types of tapes. The reason why Fluorescent Tapes are different from others is due to the colour and their non-adhesive nature. We can design flags that highlight numerous things with the help of Flagging Tape.

This Non-Adhesive LDPE Flagging Tape appears to be brighter when compared with other types of tapes. The Flagging Tape use varies from industry to industry. Fluorescent tapes can help you if you want to highlight anything.

Various industries are using this Fluorescent Tape. We have mentioned below some uses of this tape.

  • Surveying: This tape is used to signpost landmarks and property boundaries.
  • Forestry: These types of tapes are majorly used in forests to mark unhealthy trees, wildfire suppression, saplings, invasive species, logging. It also helps to highlight the trees so the passengers who are travelling at Night can stay far from these trees.
  • Construction: To mark various hazards like gas pipes, electrical lines & drains these Flagged Barrier Warning Tapes are used. You will easily find these types of Fluorescent Tape Wherever there is a chance of any hazard on any construction site.
  • Disaster Response: Whenever a disaster happens these Flagging Tapes are very useful. Also, it is utilized to mark safety zones and set up the medical triages.
  • Outdoor Recreation: When some activities which are related to methods of navigation are created like hunting, biking, caving, and paintballing these Flagging Tapes are most useful.
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Table of Contents

Colours of Flagging Tape

The colour of this Flagging Tape is dependent on the industry for which they are used but still, a colour code needs to be followed. Every colour of these Tapes reflects a different level of danger.

  • Red: Lighting Cables, Electric Cables Etc.
  • Orange: The Flagging Tapes which are Orange represents Communication Lines, Cables, etc.
  • Pink: The Pink Colored tape is referred to as Temporary Survey Markers.
  • Blue: To highlight the water pipes Blue Colored Flagging Tapes are used.
  • Yellow: To mark Gas, Oil, Petroleum, Gaseous Pipes, and Steam Pipes Yellow-colored Flagging Tapes are used.
  • Green: Drains and Sewers are highlighted by Green Flagging Tapes
  • Purple: Irrigation, Slurry Lines and Reclaimed Water can be marked by the Purple colour tape.
  • White: White Colored Flagging Tape is used for proposed excavation routes.

How to use Fluorescent Tapes?

The main feature of any good flagging tape is to make sure that it is very easily visible to everyone. At the time of marking the flagging tape, there needs to leave a good amount of space between the flagging tape and what will be required to mark.

This needs to be correctly pasted and assemble postings so they stay strong in any type of condition and always use the correct combination of colours. When we just follow our common sense then this will be very easy to understand how to use the Fluorescent tape and it will be very easy. Whenever you want to assemble it try to fix it by keeping it for long use.

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  • Stay Firm and Strong Performance in any climate
  • Comes in Superior and High-quality
  • Weather and Chemical Resistant
  • Moisture and Humidity Resistant
  • Highly visible whether it is Day or Night
  • Highly Durable
  • High Tensile Strength Plastic
  • It can be used both externally and internally
  • Tape comes in a solid packaging cardboard dispenser pack
  • High Tear Strength

Advantages of Flagging Tapes

These Tapes are very useful and there are numerous advantages to using them. We have noted down the major advantages of using Flagging Tape.

  • Easy to use and Re-usable Tape: All the Flagging Tapes are very easy to use as you can easily apply them where ever you want. Also, you can reuse these tapes when you want and these are very easy to recycle.
  • Unbreakable: These types can’t be broken easily and are unbreakable.
  • Long-Lasting Marking Solutions: To mark the hazardous places for Long-Lasting Marking Solutions these tapes are very useful.
  • Non-Adhesive and Lightweight: These tapes are non-adhesive & very light in weight.
  • Can be used Again and Again: You can easily use this tape again and again as per your requirements.

Applications – Where these Flagging Tapes are used

Where these Flagging Tapes are used is mentioned below.

  • Forest
  • Construction Job Sites
  • Nursery
  • Mining
  • Safety
  • Dangerous and Hazardous Areas
  • Oil Exploration
  • Safety Purposes
  • Hardware and Unities
  • Temporary and Permanent Restricted Areas

Specification of Fluorescent Tapes

  • Non-Adhesive
  • Colour: Flagging Tapes are available in various colours Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, and Green
  • Material: Virgin PE
  • Width: As per the Requirements
  • Thickness: Depends on the Clients requirement
  • Carrier: Woven Polypropylene Sheets
  • Size: 75mm × 500 mm and according to need
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In Summary

The main aspect of any good Fluorescent tape practice is to ensure that it is visible to everyone. By marking the Fluorescent tape there needs to leave plenty of spaces between the Fluorescent tape and what is going to be marked.

It is required to correctly paste and assemble postings so they stay firmly in any conditions and use the correct set of colours. If we just follow our common sense then it will be very easy to figure out how to use flapping tape and it will be very easy. Whenever you want to assemble it try to fix it with long use in mind.

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