Fixing Microsoft Outlook corrupted msg file with MSG converter

Users may encounter many issues related to msg files, it can be when a file is not opening, it may get corrupt or any other issues. So, in this article, we will discuss all the solution to repair .msg files. MSG is a file format utilized by Microsoft Outlook for a single mail message or for exchange.

These files are the most essential for storing, archiving, or sharing any important details to the users of Microsoft Outlook. It comprises of one or more email areas that include the body of date, sender, topic and message, or contact information, as well as various job representations.

MSG files work perfectly with various programs using the Messaging Applications Programming Interface (MAPI) from Microsoft.

Create MSG Files

Let us see before you fix corrupt MSG File, how to create an MSG File.

Steps to create MSG File

  1. First, open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Then select the email message that you wish to save as MSG file.
  3. At the left of the message window, click the yellow “Outlook” logo icon. Then select the “Save As” option from the list of alternatives that appears.
  4. Where you wish to save the message pick that folder in the required file name.
  5. Alongside, click the drop-down box on which the “Save as Type” option and select “Outlook Message Format.”
  6. Do click on the “Save” option.
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Why do MSG files not opening?

Microsoft Outlook

If any of the reasons below are true, a Microsoft Outlook user will not be able to access MSG file:

  1. If Outlook has not configured correctly.
  2. If users can not understand the preview of MSG documents produced by Hex editors.
  3. If the file is already open and the user attempts to open it.
  4. If users have no access rights to the file.
  5. Trying to open MSG file using Microsoft Outlook 2002/XP or earlier, this file was developed in Unicode format.

An Effective method to open MSG File

MSG files are opened in Outlook, but you don’t have to bother with Outlook setup to see one’s contents. You can use any accessible text editor to view the MSG file’s contents, or you can deploy a specific reader program to maintain the initial format. You can also switch to PDF extension over the MSG file, which can be opened on virtually any device.

By the Text Editor

You need to open the MSG file. The purpose of MSG documents is to be opened in Microsoft Outlook, but you can use the word processor on your PC to view their contents. Explore the MSG file to open.

Right-click on the file and select “Open with.” This will offer you the opportunity to select the file-opening program.

Select the program for your word processor. The word processor is based on the system that you use.

In Windows, From the program list, select “Notebook.” If Notepad is not listed, select “Choose Another App / Program” and explore C:\Windows\System32\Notepad.

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In Mac, select “TextEdit” from the program list. Select “Other” and then find TextEdit in your Applications directory in case Text Edit is not listed.

Read the MSG file for Microsoft Outlook. You will see a significant measure of distorted characters, but you should have the ability to find the email message header and body written in cleartext.

Errors of MSG and issues

Once an Outlook email has been saved as an MSG file. There’s a chance that when you open the file, you won’t be able to reopen it, rename it, retrieve Outlook MSG file or delete it in File Center.

When you try to reopen the MSG file, you get an error text that says you have permission to a limited extent that tells you that your file has been damaged and that you need to fix the corrupt MSG file and repair the MSG file.

When MSG File fails to open:

Microsoft Outlook

The reason may not exist because of corrupt MSG files or records. This happens mainly if Microsoft Outlook is running and you close Outlook. You can fix the corrupt MSG file using the steps mentioned in this article below. Now you should also know how to repair the MSG file so that for your own convenience you can repair it.

You can use MSG Converter that helps you to export single MSG files and also converts bulk or multiple MSG files at a single go. Also, this software can solve all kinds of issues related to MSG files.

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If you are facing any issue regarding your .msg file corruption or any type of issues then you can take help from this article. I would like to recommend you MSG Converter is the best software for msg file repair.

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