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[Fixed] “Outlook Running Slow Windows 10” Issue

Outlook 2016 still the preferred email client ever, but because of its many tools, integrations, and add-ins, it generates a mistake, “Outlook running slow Windows 10.” It becomes frustrating for users to solve it. Therefore, we’ve encountered this concern and can assist you to search out solutions with the assistance of this blog. Let us begin with the explanation for this issue.

Reasons for the occurrence of “Outlook 2016 running slow on Windows 10” issue

Microsoft Outlook is one amongst the foremost common email clients which can store a large amount of information. This data is frequently used that slows Outlook’s processing speed. When submitting new emails, this takes much time to resume again. Users have to wait for it, but it becomes a tedious process. That’s why users want to fix this issue to speed up Outlook performance. Now, move ahead to know the solutions for i

Top 6 Methods to Fix “Outlook Running Slow” issue (There are various methods that you can follow as given below manually)

Outlook Running Slow Windows 10

Always open Outlook in Safe Mode

Whenever you open Outlook, confirm to open it in safe mode. Because of this, Outlook will allow only essential components to work and perform their tasks. Follow the below steps to open Outlook in safe mode:

  • Initially, keep pressing ‘Win + R’ keys to open run prompt.
  • Then enter ‘outlook/safe’ in >>enter.
  • At last, the Outlook application will open in safe mode.
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This will open your emails faster, and you can send and receive emails very fast

Disabling all RSS Feeds

An important parameter is the RSS Feed that slows down the Outlook speed. So, it is important to disable it if you want to speed up Outlook performance. For doing so, follow the below steps:

  • Initially, go to the File tab>> Options >> Advanced option.
  • After that, search the RSS Feeds icon >> within the RSS feed area you will see some checkboxes, uncheck them.

This process will disable RSS feeds and can boost the Outlook speed.

Archiving previous Emails

If you’ve got many emails in your main folder, then it can create a load on Outlook application. In case you do not need these emails, then attempt to archive these emails to scale back the burden from Outlook. Follow the given steps to fix Outlook 2016 running slow on Windows 10 issue:

  • Initially, launch Outlook 2016 application.
  • Then hit the File tab>>Options>>Advanced>>AutoArchive Settings.
  • After that, hit the checkbox next to Run AutoArchive every X days.
  • Next to the frequency, press the up or down arrows if you want AutoArchive to run.
  • At last, hit on OK.

Updating Windows

Windows updates solve the performance problems as well. Follow the below steps to update your Windows:

  • Initially, press Windows Key.
  • Hit on the Settings icon.
  • Press Update & Security >>Windows Update tab.
  • At last, click on Check for Updates

Repairing the Outlook Profile

Outlook running slow Windows 10 could be because of corruption in the Outlook profile. So, repair it with the Control Panel. Follow the below steps:

  • Go and open Control Panel
  • Choose Mail
  • Hit on E-mail Accounts
  • Go to E-mail tab in the Account Settings dialogue box
  • Then hit on Repair and follow any prompts from the repair wizard
  • Hit on Finish
  • After the successful completion, restart Outlook
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Also, you’ll copy the prevailing Outlook profile and check if it opens or not:

  • Initially, open Control Panel
  • Choose Mail
  • Press Show Profiles>>Copy
  • Change the profile name by a new name.
  • Then from the drop-down box below the “Always use this profile” radio button, choose your new profile,
  • Hit on OK.
  • Restart the Outlook.

Updating Outlook application with Service Packs

Many users aren’t updating Outlook with the newest Service Packs(SP) that are available on their system. But, it’s essential to update the system as an outdated Outlook version slows down its performance. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to update service packs:

  • Initially, visit the File tab >>Office Account
  • Then go to Expand Office Updates >> hit on Update Now.

These are all the solutions that you can implement manually. There are many other issues created due to corruption in Outlook PST files. So to repair PST files quickly, you can go with the Best PST Repair Tool that helps to repair PST files along with data integrity.

Final word

We have provided all the information about Outlook running slow windows 10 issues. All the explanations behind this issue are given, and solutions to the present blunder have also been provided here. Hopefully, you’ll be ready to remove the Outlook slow performance issue using this guide.

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[Fixed] “Outlook Running Slow Windows 10” Issue 1
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