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Facebook Fake Account Saga Effects on Business Owners

Fake accounts are all over the place. If we talk about social media, there are a number of companies who have reported a number of fake accounts in the past few months, but Facebook reported the greatest number of them in 2019. In May 2019, Facebook reported that they have closed over 2 billion Facebook fake account that was in operation. The figure is more than the monthly active accounts that are in operation on Facebook. The social media platform reported that about 5 per cent of its monthly active users is fake.

So why Facebook did this huge operation in the first place? It was done to curb down accounts that are fake, spread false news and used for propaganda. These accounts are also used for a lot of other malicious activities that make this social media platform a haven for virtually any type of illegal activity. So, this was anticipated for a long time to come by Facebook as the announcement was made by Mr Mark Zuckerberg himself.

The critics are still sceptical of the fact that this operation will end the Facebook fake account saga once and for all. And they are of the view that Facebook is not telling the true picture as there are over 5% fake accounts and the figure is over the 3-4 % range that was 6 months ago. So, in reality, this is actually the start of the war against fake accounts. And a very long one too.

Facebook fake accounts

Based on Facebook’s own metrics, most of the fake accounts that were closed were either in the process of creating profiles and can’t be technically termed as active. Facebook itself never considered them active in their systems so that they didn’t count them in their overall community metrics. But still, companies need to do something about the closure of many accounts. There are many things that you need to do here so that but what can businesses do actually do to make sure their account isn’t categorized as facebook fake account.

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Let me share some light on the Facebook Fake Accounts Saga now

Designing to Succeed

While regular activity is an obvious point, the design aspects are where things can turn your way for the better. What do I mean by this? The design of FB pages is very important as companies need to take things seriously here. You will find many companies don’t offer much when it comes to the design of their Facebook pages. In fact, this is where they need to be very cautious. Read on as I explain what companies can do in this concern.

The basic layout of Facebook pages is the same as there is not much we can do. But there are many things we can do about designing it further. The monotonous design gives the impression about the account as fake and created by a bot. It is quite obvious that if you will end u like a million other pages on the Facebook, you will actually have not much a chance in this concern. So, you need to be vigilant here. But what you need to do to make things really count for you. Read on.

The monotonous design will kill your chance to make things work for you. Even if Facebook won’t close down your account, people looking at your page will not be intimidated one bit to see the content and will simply leave. You can ask for a web design agency here which you can offer the solution you need for maximum benefit here. A professionally designed Facebook page will make things easier for a business to distinguish itself with a host of other businesses which may or may not be their direct competitors.

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Final Word

If you think that you are missing something here and can add something substantial to this blog, you are more than welcome. For the sake of my readers to make this piece work for them, I am open for any positive suggestion, feedback and question too, so that I can make this blog even better in the future. Either way, please use the comments section below.

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