Experts Useful Tips for Equity Real Estate Business Owner

Equity Real Estate is an asset class consisting of equity and debt investments in property. Investments typically involve an active management strategy ranging from moderate reposition or releasing of properties to development or extensive redevelopment.

Investments are typically made via private equity real estate fund, a collective investment scheme, which pools capital from investors. These funds typically have a ten-year lifespan consisting of a 2-3 year investment period during which properties are acquired and a holding period during which active asset management will be carried out and the properties will be sold.

Equity Real Estate Strategies

The equity real estate funds generally follow core, core-plus, value-added, or opportunistic strategies when making investments

Core: This is an unleveraged, low-risk/low-potential return strategy with predictable cash flows. The fund will generally invest in stable, fully leased, multi-tenant properties within strong, diversified metropolitan areas.

Core Plus: This is a moderate-risk/moderate-return strategy. The fund will generally invest in core properties; however, many of these properties will need some form of enhancement or value-added element.

Value Added: This is a medium-to-high-risk/medium-to-high-return strategy. It involves buying a property, improving it in some way, and selling it at an opportune time for gain. Properties are considered the value added when they show management or working problems, need physical improvement, and/or suffer from capital constraints.

Equity Real Estate

Opportunistic: This is a high-risk/high-return strategy. The properties will need a high degree of enhancement. This strategy may also involve investments in development, raw land, mortgage notes, and niche property sectors. Investments are tactical.

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