Energy Monitoring System Benefits for Modern Business

Businesses across the world face several challenges while dealing with everyday energy consumption. Be it in the form of production or in the form of electricity consumption on a daily note, the hefty electricity bills make it difficult for the businesses to maintain a good budget. An energy monitoring system is designed to monitor, control and reduce excessive energy consumption that wipes away a lot of business fortunes.

To replace such obstacles with a fresh set of possibilities came the Internet of Things. It is a giant network of sensors that derive data from smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets and from each and everything in which a sensor is attached. This is definitely an irregularity which requires immediate attention to get sorted. Global warming is another reason why it has become mandatory for all businesses to keep an eye on energy consumption.

Keeping the scenario in consideration, IoT came up with several energy management measures that offer total visibility of energy consumption/generation into a manufacturing plant. IoT in the Energy Monitoring system helps in fetching detailed insights into the energy that has been consumed. This reading is not limited to the manufacturing unit or building level but also at the level of the room, line, machine and even individual product.

Energy Monitoring System Benefits

Businesses operate through energy consuming components like motors, thermostats, machinery and more. Scheduling them wirelessly through mobile phones applications is now a possibility. The Energy Monitoring System tracks and controls one’s energy consumption in real-time.

According to the statistics, an Energy Monitoring System can bring down the cost by a margin of 9%-22%. This clearly reveals a swift return on investment, depending on the clients and locations, within 24 months to 36 months.

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Table of Contents

Lists of all the challenges that are faced by the manufacturers on a regular basis

  • Inefficient Equipment Performance
  • Unnecessary Energy Consumption
  • Excessive Consumption Intractability
  • No real-time Energy Insights
  • Facility underperformance
  • Unclear Future Energy Requirements
  • Unbalanced Electricity Demand
  • Complicated Cost Regulation

But through the cutting edge solutions driven by IoT, businesses can get the following benefits through EMS

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Detect Abnormality in Consumption
  • Optimize Cost
  • Get Real-time Energy Insights
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Boost Facility Performance
  • Increase ROI
  • Predict Future Energy Needs
  • Reduce Electricity Demand Charge
  • Trace Energy Capabilities
  • Identify Unnecessary Equipment Operations

The features of an Energy Monitoring System are matchless. Let us explore what all it encompasses that push a business into the runway of success

Provides End-to-End IoT solution: With the right sensor and gateway/telemetry device, processing data into valuable information which could be tailored according to the business requirements.
Controls and monitors in real-time: IoT has driven EMS to provide real-time energy consumption data that supports continuous monitoring of the equipment efficiency. This will promote better decision making whether any machine requires to be replaced or not.
Provides advanced data analytics: Getting advanced Analytics feature that helps in identifying energy consumption patterns, compare historical consumption and predict future energy needs is now possible.

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Equipment efficiency analysis: This feature empowers the business to track both the active and inactive machine hours of the business. An alert will be sent to the operator, in case if a machine is inactive when it is supposed to be active.
Traces consumption pattern and control visualization: This feature gives data charts and visualizes future consumption possibilities that help in the comprehension of crucial information, effortlessly.
Centralized Dashboard: All the information related to installing devices will be accessible on a single screen.

Real-time-alerts and Customized & Interactive Reports: Reports are easily available just a click away and the real-time alerts are scheduled searches that remain constantly active. This helps users in instant error detection.
Two-way communication: It is not just the data ingestion from sensors; an Energy Monitoring System empowers a user to control the energy supply as well.
Sustains harsh environment: Be it any time of the season, winters, scorching summers or any sudden rise/drop in the temperature, this system can easily sustain any kind of temperature.
Provides predictive data analytics to estimate energy consumption: Through advanced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, one can foretell the total energy usage and the associated cost.

Leaving the fans, lights and air conditioners ‘On’ while leaving the office is a common scenario. The electricity bill that follows, compels individuals to pay heavily, almost leaving them in a state of shock. Yes! The bill amount becomes that high.

This is the reason why it gets so crucial for businesses across the world to invest in the Energy Monitoring System. It has the potential to unleash certain innovative ways to keep a constant check on the daily, weekly and monthly power consumption.

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This system provides real-time data on energy consumption and producing, allowing better decision making, recognition of abnormal patterns of energy consumption, tracing potential problems of various given appliances.

Along with this, it estimates the energy bill, enables the user to trace the impact of energy consumption on the business budget in real-time. So, unclogging energy hogs, identifying fresh new ways of saving the budget, tracking the projected electricity bill along with receiving real-time alerts about unusual or unsafe electricity usage are now possible within a comfortable cash frame!

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