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Email Tracking Chrome Extension For Business Owners

Email tracking is a method to monitor the delivery of your email messages to the intended recipient. Most tracking technologies use some form of digitally time-stamped record to reveal the exact time and date that an email was received or opened, as well the IP address of the recipient.

Tracking your email is very important when the sender wants to know if the intended recipient actually received the email, or if they clicked the links. However, due to the nature of the technology, when you are tracking your email, it cannot be considered an absolutely accurate indicator that a message was opened or read by the recipient.

As a business owner, you can use the Yesware Google Chrome extension to see who open your emails and clicks on your links, with email tracking analytics and templates for Gmail. To track, manage, and stay up to date with your connections has never been easier. Yesware will save you a ton of time because they can automatically add leads to campaigns for followup, at scale. And it improves your overall messaging because you can message across campaigns and measure open, click and response rates.

Yesware email tracker extension uses the same pixel-beacon approach that email newsletter services use, applied to one-to-one communication. When you send an email using Yesware Google Chrome ion, a pixel embeds in your message. Once the recipient’s email client or application loads the image, Yesware’s server gets pinged with the IP address, providing you with relevant information about where, when, and on what device your emails open.

Yesware Email Tracking Extension Features

  • Follow up smarter with email tracking
  • Save time with email templates
  • Create multi-touch, personalized campaigns
  • Schedule emails to send at the day and time you prefer
  • Remove the back-and-forth with meeting booking
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration (Premium and Enterprise)
  • Salesforce email and calendar integration(Enterprise)

Some email marketing tools include tracking as a feature

Such email tracking is usually accomplished using standard web tracking devices known as cookies and web beacons. When an email message is sent if it is a graphical HTML message (not a plain text message) the email marketing system may embed a tiny, invisible image tracker (a single-pixel gif, sometimes called a web beacon) within the content of the message. When the recipient opens the message, the image tracker is referenced.

Some email applications, such as Microsoft Office Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, employ a read-receipt tracking mechanism. The sender selects the receipt request option prior to sending the message, and then upon sending, each recipient has the option of notifying the sender that the message was received or read by the recipient.

Any user new to Yesware can take advantage of Enterprise-level features for free during a limited-time trial. The trial includes tracking, templates, campaigns, send later functionality, meeting scheduling, email reminders, easy sync to CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and full Salesforce integration. Save time and take the guesswork out of email with Yesware for Gmail. Just click “Add to Chrome” to get started with a free trial.

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