Meet The Popular Electric Tricycle Manufacturer in Sudan

3-wheeler vehicles — tuk-tuk rickshaws for passengers and motorbike tricycles with a trailer attached for carrying goods — have long been a popular and affordable transport in Sudan. But Sudan is gripped by a dire economic crisis made worse by political unrest and a soaring price of oil.

An entrepreneur has bet on the potential of an electric tricycle. The revolution is underway on the electric-powered tuk-tuk rickshaw al-Shehab factory in Khartoum. 3-wheeler vehicles are popular in Sudan, but since the last coup, drivers have to put up with a soaring cost of oil.

Meet The Popular Electric Tricycle Manufacturer in Sudan

To avoid this problem, an entrepreneur has bet on the potential of electric tricycles to savage the economy for the people. Amid the economic crisis, Sudan’sSudan’s electricity supplies have suffered too, with frequent power cuts.

That’s why Mohamed Samir came up with the electric tricycle as an alternative

Sudanese entrepreneur Mohamed Samir watches as workers assemble garishly coloured rickshaws, unique in the North African nation because they run on electricity to tackle soaring costs.

According to Mohamed Samir, this will make the people get free from dependency on the power grid:

“The electricity problems will affect our products, as the lack of availability will make drivers unable to charge (their vehicles). So, we installed a solar panel system for the tuk-tuk and the rickshaw. It allows for increasing the distance covered by 50%.”

Thanks to this equipment, a tuk-tuk tricycle can cover up to 100 km, while a rickshaw’s range is between 100 and 120 kilometres. There is a critical environmental impact too. Smoky petrol-powered vehicles, aside from fuelling climate change, cause.

“”significant noise and air pollution””,

The United Nations Environment Programme warned in a report from 2020.

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The electric tricycle business owner also paid close attention to the UN’s sustainable development goals when manufacturing his unique tricycles.

“We managed to achieve 3 of the sustainable development goals. We achieved the goal of no poverty, which means fighting poverty, as well as the goal of good health and well-being; we also achieved action for the climate by reducing emissions.”

The venture has proven successful despite the challenges of first getting the garishly-coloured motorized rickshaws manufactured. Amjad Hamdan Hameidan, who bought several electric rickshaws, pulls his 3-wheeler using the same power source.

“It doesn’t need lots of spare parts or fuel. It requires little operational cost and has little malfunctions.”

According to Africa News, Traditional fuel-powered engines may remain the norm in Khartum; Mohamed Samir and Amjad Hamdan Hameidan believe this business is helping Sudan keep pace in a fast-developing world.

“We will replace everything run by fuel with electricity sooner or later,” Samir said.

“We can now keep up with the rest of the world.”

Benefits of the Electric Tricycle for the Sudanese

Riding an electric tricycle is affordable, fun, and good for the environment. Heading out on an electric tricycle to the shops or work is one of the easiest ways to combine regular exercise with your everyday schedule and have all the cargo carrying and stability benefits a regular bicycle does not.

An electric tricycle is a great way to improve your fitness because it offers a low-impact workout resulting in less strain and injuries, and is suitable for stamina, muscle strength, and aerobic fitness.

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People can get as much out of riding an electric tricycle for adults as they want. Exercising on an electric tricycle can be done at a lower intensity, to begin with, to help recover from injury or illness or to start improving overall fitness, then can be built up to a more demanding physical workout.

An electric tricycle is a fun way to get fit, getting all the benefits and excitement of exercising outdoors; the pedal-assist motor will power you up and over any hills or rugged terrain, meaning you are more likely to ride your tricycle regularly compared with other physical activities that keep you inside or require special facilities, locations or equipment.

Suppose you are pressed for time as a mode of transport. In that case, an electric tricycle for adults replaces time spent sitting driving your car or taking public transit with healthy, environmentally friendly, low-impact exercise.

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Meet The Popular Electric Tricycle Manufacturer in Sudan