eCommerce Website Hosting Complete Guides for 2020

Ecommerce is evolving every day, new businesses are jumping in every day. In a business like an eCommerce, website hosting is very important. We are in the age of technology and the dependency on technology from here can only increase in the future. The lifestyle trends of humans have massively changed since few decades. One biggest change is in the shopping trends and shifts towards eCommerce.

Ecommerce hosting is an option offered by many web hosting service providers to supply eCommerce functionality, the hosting company will also provide web server to host their customer’s website, an email server or email support, technical support and other standard web hosting features for businesses.

Ecommerce website hosting is designed to basically provide digital marketers and online business owner with all the tools and services required for them to set-up, manage and conduct an eCommerce business.

The eCommerce hosting is different from standard web hosting with features and functionalities that are required to manage and run a commercial website. There are certain essentials that many people skip while choosing a web host for their eCommerce website. Therefore, we have decided to write an expert and thorough guide on hosting eCommerce websites in 2019.

What type of eCommerce Website Hosting is suitable for?

Ecommerce Website Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important factors to consider when launching an eCommerce website. It can greatly impact how you will manage and scale your business in the future. Therefore, you need to put in some research into types of hosting that are available to you.

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General Web Hosting

This is a form of shared hosting, in which many websites, often in the thousands, share space on a single server owned and maintained by the web hosting provider. WordPress site is simply one of many types of sites on that shared server.

General web-hosting providers include support for WordPress as one of many options available to users, that support is not tailored to the specific features of the WordPress platform, and it may not offer the solutions that dedicated users of WordPress need in order to maximize performance.

Shared Web Hosting

Like most of the niche websites, shared web hosting is going to work for you as well if you are planning to launch a niche based eCommerce website. A combination of Shared hosting, WordPress and WooCommerce is the perfect and most reliable hosting + eCommerce solution for niche-based and small to mid-level eCommerce websites.

These plans typically provide for shared space on a server dedicated specifically to WordPress sites, so that server resources and software are configured only for WordPress.

Dedicated Ecommerce Website Hosting

If you are not a niche website and have a large catalogue of products, shared hosting might not be the best hosting solution for you. Dedicated hosting in this scenario is the best solution if you are looking to build a custom or CMS based website like Naqad, which is an online shopping website built on a CMS platform.

You have your own dedicated bandwidth and uptime is also better with dedicated hosting. Dedicated web hosting packages can range from self-managed to fully managed options, including support for all WordPress related issues provided by technical support staff with expertise specifically in troubleshooting platform-related issues.

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These are the stories of general hosting; the world is moving forward very fast and now is the time of hosted eCommerce platforms. So, let’s have a little review of the top hosted platform and how you can use them.

Hosted Ecommerce Platforms

Hosted Ecommerce platforms are on the rise in 2019. The different between self-hosted and hosted platform is that hosted platforms offer both eCommerce and hosting facilities. Following are two of the most commonly used hosted eCommerce platforms:


Shopify is the most popular hosted eCommerce solution in 2019. It powers a great number of websites. Shopify features a simple user interface and easy to build and integrate eCommerce applications. With Shopify, you can start your online shopping website in just a couple of hours.

Shopify features store management capabilities, such as reporting and analytics, staff management, order histories, and customer management. The eCommerce software facilitates setting up an online shop through Shopify’s website builder and blogging platform. It also provides search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media integration and a discount code as a part of its marketing module.


BigCommerce is another massively popular hosted eCommerce hosting platform. The platform is known for its speedy website loading, which is a very crucial factor for eCommerce websites. Uptime of BigCommerce is also an edge over its competitors.

Besides offering better eCommerce hosting features, BigCommerce also offers payment and other features that are essential to building an eCommerce website.

Points to consider while choosing an eCommerce website hosting for your site

Ecommerce website hosting is a very crucial factor for any eCommerce website. You are offered with too many solutions and its entirely up to you to choose as per your requirements. However, you should know what type of hosting suits your business or website. Following are the key points and tips you must consider while choosing an eCommerce hosting.

  • Make sure you are buying the right type of service that aligns with your business goals.
  • For self-hosted platforms, you will need to do some heavy lifting of creating your website and managing the hosting yourself.
  • Website speed is the top factor which could be the reason for the success or failure of your business, therefore, it should be deemed most important.
  • Customization is another important consideration as conversion rates do not achieve easily.
  • Security is another thing that is a must-have for your eCommerce website hosting. Make sure your website and payments are secure.

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