eCommerce Architect Responsibilities and Duties

The eCommerce architect is responsible for designing and implementing eCommerce applications. The eCommerce architect is responsible for developing and leading the prototyping of eCommerce applications. They usually conduct a thorough study of the client’s requirements and fulfil all necessary requirements.

They are responsible for conducting thorough research on the client’s requirements and taking into account the user requirements. The eCommerce solution architect plans and designs the eCommerce application based on the research done and ensures that it meets the client’s requirements.

eCommerce Architecture

eCommerce architects are specialists and can make use of new technologies in order to optimize the performance of an eCommerce application. The eCommerce solution architects design the application for e-commerce. They then monitor and resolve any problems.

They provide technical leadership for the entire project’s life cycle. They provide direction in the design, integration and interaction with client technology and management teams. They also work closely with the accounts team to develop a strategy for the eCommerce application accounts.

An eCommerce solution architect should have sufficient knowledge of integrated marketing and technology services firms

The eCommerce architect should have experience in accelerating business growth through multi-channel commerce and multi-channel marketing.

eCommerce architects are responsible for developing the next generation of advanced platforms that will accelerate and expand the growth of the eCommerce application. They are also responsible for redesigning existing systems to ensure they meet business needs.

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An eCommerce job is not for the beginner. It requires a lot of experience and qualifications.

Candidates who are interested in a career as an eCommerce administrator must have the necessary education, skills, and job responsibilities. Below are some details about the responsibilities and educational qualifications of an eCommerce architect.

Education Qualification for an eCommerce Architect

A bachelor’s degree is required to become an eCommerce administrator. The eCommerce solution architect job profile does not require an entry-level position. However, the candidate must have at least eight years of experience in enterprise architecture, system integration and eCommerce architecture.

A candidate should also have a good knowledge of various web technologies, such as HTML, J2EE and JSP/Servlets/ Filters, JDBC/ RMI, SQL, Apache/ Tomcat.

An eCommerce architect’s job is very responsible and requires a lot of experience. Employers prefer candidates who have a master’s in web development technologies and a bachelor’s degree.

The Key Skills for an eCommerce Solution Architect

An eCommerce solution architect should be proficient in web design and other web technologies. These are the other essential skills an eCommerce designer should have:

  • Communication skills that are both verbal and written are essential.
  • Expert knowledge of various web technologies
  • Communicate effectively with clients and get to know their needs
  • Expert knowledge of various web technologies, such as J2EE and PHP, PL/ SQL etc.
  • Learn more about eCommerce
  • Management and organizational skills experts
  • Excellent time management skills that allow you to complete tasks within the timeframe.
  • Expert supervising skills

The Job Responsibilities for an eCommerce Architect

An eCommerce architect’s primary responsibility is to manage the entire process of creating and implementing an eCommerce application. An eCommerce solution architect also has the following major duties:

  • Prepare the long-term eCommerce strategic plans and incorporate them into the eCommerce architecture
  • Prepare the guidelines and standards for technical design based on the business goals of the clients and other inputs
  • Assist in the development, maintenance and governance of eCommerce architecture
  • Recommend changes to the existing eCommerce application. This will ensure that it functions efficiently, generates revenue, and is cost-effective.
  • For the successful completion and operation of the eCommerce application, coordinate with web developers, eCommerce marketing team and eCommerce analysts
  • Supervise the eCommerce team and ensure that all tasks are completed in accordance with the architecture.
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An eCommerce architect earns an average of $98,000 annually. eCommerce architects generally do not earn a lot of money because the job involves a lot of hard work and responsibilities. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary for an eCommerce solution architect is between $45,000 and $120,000.

The education and experience of an applicant will determine the salary of an eCommerce solution architect. These responsibilities help us to understand the job duties of an eCommerce architect. Candidates who are interested in a career as an eCommerce architect will find the information useful.

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