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EC-Council University Online Cybersecurity Degrees

EC-Council University is a dedicated institution for the creation of superior educational programs to equip graduates to face the latest Information Technology security risks to be able to lead their colleagues in strategically handling those challenges. The University is building on the recognition and strengths of The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (also known as EC-Council) its parent corporation, a globally recognized Information Technology certification body specializing in Information Assurance and e-business.

The EC-Council University parent company is a world leader in certifying professionals in these skills and techniques. However, EC-Council University President Sanjay Bavisi believes that information security professionals must not only have skills and techniques, but they must be educated to step into leadership and managerial roles in their companies, agencies, and organizations. This belief led to the establishment of the Master of Science in Cybersecurity program and the Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program.

EC-Council University places value on the qualities of

  • Ethical behaviour
  • Innovative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Scholarship, and
  • Leadership.

In a field as narrow and as far-reaching as information security, these values promote and advance the goal of educating information security experts, preparing them to make the world safer and more secure for everyone.

EC-Council University Goals & Objectives

Strive to strengthen Institutional effectiveness and collegial governance.

  • Promoting and encouraging continuous learning and support
  • Fostering collaboration among University administration and faculty
  • Maintaining a high level of integrity

Develop an engaged, diverse, high-quality student population while increasing student learning

  • Encouraging student to student threaded discussions
  • Online implementation of iLabs for student engagement
  • Promoting cybersecurity educational programs and webinars at no cost to the public
  • Preparing our students to be socially responsible in Cyber Security leadership roles

Ensure excellence in Cyber Security

  • Providing high-quality Cyber Security programs that meet the evolving needs of Cyber Security
  • Retaining an up-to-date database of advanced Cyber Security articles and textbooks
  • Ongoing research and development for quality improvements

Provide a supportive and welcoming environment to a diverse academic community

  • Faculty and ECCU administration serve as role models of socially responsible leaders
  • Employees will demonstrate core values in the workplace
  • Maintaining qualified university staff and faculty

EC-Council University Online Cybersecurity Degrees Details

Credits for Certifications and Prior Learning: As a prospective EC-Council student, you may be entitled to college credit(s) for your professional certification(s) and experience that can be applied to the certain course(s) which will shorten the time to earning your degree. To request an evaluation of your professional certifications and experience, you must submit an “Enrollment application

Once you have completed your application, please download and fill out a Prior Learning Portfolio (PLP) form. A Prior Learning Portfolio form is available for download here. Complete and submit your PLP and all supporting documents to, and you will be notified within 5 business days of what, if any, credit(s) you will receive and the courses to which they can be applied.

Propel your career as a cybersecurity leader with an online cybersecurity degree from ECCU: Opportunities in cybersecurity are growing faster than employers can fill them. As the demand for the cybersecurity workforce is expected to rise to 6 million globally by 2019, the industry is projecting a shortfall of 1.5 million information security professionals.

This is alarming as the Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report warned that even as cyber-attacks and data breaches increase each year, there is a global shortage of information security professionals of up to One million professionals in the US alone. An online cybersecurity degree from EC-Council University (ECCU) will prepare you for a career in this fast-growing cybersecurity space.

Why Should You Consider Cybersecurity as a Career?

Experts estimate that range the worldwide cybersecurity market will grow from $77 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020. This will happen largely because cyber attacks will cost businesses between $400 to $500 billion a year. And this estimate does not include a large number of cyber-attacks which are not reported. Even as cybersecurity professionals try to combat this epidemic, the odds are stacked against them.

For example, the Heartbleed security bug many corporations got stung by in 2014 had catastrophic consequences. Surprisingly there are still a lot of unprotected web servers at risk of further exploit by Heartbleed. Be part of the solution. Enrol for an Online Cyber Security Bachelor’s Degree or an Online Cyber Security Master’s Degree from EC-Council University.

EC-Council University cybersecurity degree programs are completely online. As such, you can complete this online cybersecurity degree program from the comfort of your own home or country. The EC-Council University’s Master of Science in Cyber Security and Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security programs are 100% online allowing students to do cybersecurity online course work according to their work and personal schedules. Additionally, EC-Council University has two distinct advantages over traditional Brick and Mortar universities

Firstly, EC-Council University online cybersecurity university faculty are actively practising their profession in the field, they can make the security class come alive for the students, as well as serve as mentors for the students with new, real-life examples on our Cyber Range.

The second advantage, and perhaps most important, is that you will be getting hands-on advanced security education and use tools and technology that you will be using in the infosec and cybersecurity field. This helps you hit the ground running and will help you become a functional Cyber Security Solutions Architect for any employer from day one of their employment.

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program Details

This program will prepare you in obtaining knowledge for careers in cybersecurity and assurance. The cybersecurity program consists of topical areas dealing with cybersecurity management, incident response, and security threat assessment, which requires students to be creators of knowledge and inventors of processes, not merely users of information. Additionally, students will receive instruction in leadership and management in preparation for becoming managers and directors.

Program Objectives

Developed from a learning model based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Thinking, the information security Bachelor’s degree’s educational objectives identify what students should learn, understand, and be able to do as a result of their studies at ECCU. The university’s cybersecurity programs are established with a mix of both business management and applied technology practical studies.

This is based on the industry’s need to have a balance of applied skills and disciplines in both technical domains of study and practical business knowledge in the workplace. The purely technical theory or heavily managerial focus of some programs does not produce as well rounded a cybersecurity expert as is generally desired by industry.

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program objectives are

  • Application of technical strategies, tools, and techniques to secure data and information for a customer or client.
  • Adherence to a high standard of ethical behaviour.
  • Use of research in both established venues and innovative applications to expand the body of knowledge in information assurance.
  • Application of principles of critical thinking to creatively and systematically solve the problems and meet the challenges of the ever-changing environments of cybersecurity.
  • Mastery of the skills necessary to move into leadership roles in companies, agencies, divisions, or departments. Learn more

Master of Science in Cybersecurity (MSCS) program

EC-Council University Master of Science in Cybersecurity (MSCS) program prepares professionals to assume cybersecurity and information assurance leadership roles in corporations, agencies, and organizations. A curriculum rich in computer security management, IT security threat assessment, incident response, organizational management and behaviour, and leadership challenges students to become creators of knowledge and inventors of processes.

The MSCS degree has been divided into a set of core courses that provide the necessary skills in cybersecurity, organizational behaviour, and structure, research, and writing. The program then offers various specializations to allow students to select specific fields of study that they are passionate about, each having well-defined job prospects, derived from the NICE framework, affiliated with them.

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity program is offered 100% online, allowing students to complete coursework in a timeframe that fits their individual schedule. This also requires that the student has the appropriate technology and connectivity to sustain constant participation in in-class activities. Learn more

The EC-Council University cybersecurity programs are established with a mix of both business management and applied technology practical studies. This is based on the industry’s need to have a balance of applied skills and disciplines in both technical domains of study and practical business knowledge in the workplace. The purely technical theory or heavily managerial focus of some programs does not produce as well-rounded a cybersecurity expert as is generally desired by industry.

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