The pro gamers say, “you don’t have the excuse not to create gaming-related content and posting it on your other social networking sites. And that’s true twitch works perfectly as it shows content and pre-recorded games to the viewers in good quality. In contrast, other platforms are good at promoting your content only. Besides, Twitch videos help in growing your audience one or another way.

A simple question pops up as to how to share your twitch videos on or any other platform. As twitch videos are not regular videos, you may have to find a way of saving them to upload them later on any social network of your choice.

So, what happens is that so many times, gamers, pro gamers play games like PUBG and record that game and later design that clip accordingly. That clip is known as a twitch video. On , uploading twitch videos is not much of an issue but sharing twitch videos on Instagram has something special. And few things need to be considered before posting your Twitch videos on Instagram.

Share Twitch Video on Instagram

Instagram is more of a sophisticated kind of place. In order to upload any video, it has to be a specific size and limit. Instagram does not encourage large-sized videos. You can upload a video of a few seconds, mostly thirty seconds only.

However, you can use the very new option called IGTV to upload large-sized videos of a few minutes and maybe more. Most gamers use the option IGTV as twitch videos can be large. But still, linking your twitch videos to your Instagram account may require a little more effort.

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Uploading your streamed content on your social pages like Facebook or takes a lot of courage. And it is a thought process to produce interested and delightful content. The exciting part is preparing your Twitch video and then sharing it on other platforms.

A few steps that are used in streaming Twitch videos and uploading them on Instagram are as follow

There are three different ways of doing it.

  • Way 1: share the link of your video in an Instagram post.
  • Way2: share the video link directly from your stream.

Sharing the link in Instagram post

Once you recorded your twitch streams. After editing them, they are ready to be shared anywhere on social media (Instagram). You can do this as quickly and without wasting much time. You might do this by sharing the link to the streams you have achieved.

But not to burst your bubbles. Currently, any social media platform, whether Facebook or Instagram, does not allow you to embed your twitch videos directly on the platform. Your viewers will watch it like a Twitch, instead of the platform you have posted.

Uploading a shareable and appropriate clip

The more comfortable and effective way of uploading your Twitch is by clipping a little section from the streams. And share it with your Instagram followers. In this way, publishing your Twitch content on Instagram or other social media platforms becomes easy.

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And on these platforms, people are habitual of watching a short video of 15 to 30 seconds, not more than that. Because of the limit due to apps, most apps do not allow much larger video clips on their feed, and Instagram is no exception.

Now I have explained to you all the benefits of uploading your twitches. There are a couple more facts that you must keep in mind as well

  • First, download your complete twitch video on your computer or tablets, whatever you are using.

Now, as your settings are “achieve the streams by default,” the only thing you must do is go in your profile and select the video manager. After that, click on download, which you will eventually find under so many pre-uploaded streams.

Cutting your videos short takes not more than a minute. For that, go to any specified website and click a start video. The best website for that should be “lapwing studio”. It lets you download and edit your clips as much as possible.

  • After that select, the upload button and search for already downloaded twitch streams in your browser

Or maybe you can select and then drag and drop the files from your browser at your convenience. Now in the menu, you must isolate the desired section for you to share. You have trimmed the video, and it is all set and edited, click on export, and after that, download, and here you can save your clip on the device, and you can share it anywhere you like.

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It is up to you if you want to do all the above directions in using lapwing’s site or wish to use any other site. But if you are using lapwing’s site, you must log in to it. If you already have an account, otherwise you must sign up using Facebook or Gmail.

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