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Easy Way to Monitor Your Child’s iPhone for Free

The Digital era has more smartphones than people. That’s why parenting in the digital world is not easy. Everyone is busy with daily work. No one has time to roam 24/7 around their children. But that doesn’t mean parents neglect their children.

Of course, parents want their children to be safe and sound. That is why you need to monitor your child’s iPhone.

Some guardians allow privacy to their children, while others want to monitor every activity of their children. This article covers the easy ways to monitor your child’s iPhone. So if you are constantly worried about your child’s phone activities, read this blog till the end.

Monitor Your Child's iPhone

Many parents grant smartphones because of their children’s safety concerns and educational purposes. Parents give mobile phones to make phone calls and communicate with them when children are out of the home. So it is easy for guardians to know where their children are and what they are doing.

Why do parents monitor their child’s iPhone?

It is tricky and somehow funny that parents who give movie devices to their children want to monitor the same mobile device. Children are funny and bubbly by nature. They love talking to new people and trying out new things.

When they start doing so, children do everything to hide their activities from their parents. They start hiding their phones, turning on 2FA, keeping the screen locked, and so on.

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On account of that, it is a compulsion for the parents to monitor their child’s activity. Parents should also know how to turn off two-factor authentication on iPhones because in case their children had turned it on earlier, they can remove it.

The question “why do parents monitor their child’s iPhone” may arise from the children who think they are being monitored.

Parents mainly want to track their child’s phones to protect them from cyberbullying and online predators. Parents also get concerned about whom their children are talking to, what type of videos they are watching, whether they get access to inappropriate content. With the increasing rate of cyberbullying and sex predators cases, monitoring the child’s phone is important.

That’s why parents must set some ground rules before providing mobile phones to their children.

  • Never click on suspicious links.
  • Don’t talk with strangers.
  • Don’t use your phone during dinner time and bedtime.
  • Tell parents about everything that you find strange.
  • Never send pictures to others.
  • Don’t give the exact address of your school and home to others.
  • Don’t post personal information in public.

When children agree to the above rules, you can also monitor them using parental control applications.

How can I monitor my child’s iPhone for free?

Family Sharing application

You can enable content and privacy restrictions, monitor screen time, and track the location through Family Sharing.

How to use family sharing to monitor your child’s iPhone

Once you create the family sharing group and add the family members to that group, then you can monitor the screen time, enable content and privacy restrictions, restrict the purchases, set downtime, track the location, and so on.

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Steps to create the family sharing group

  • Go to the Settings application from your iPhone and click [your name] at the top of the screen. And Select “Set Up Family Sharing.”
  • Now follow the prompts to add a payment method. Invite the family members and then enable Family Sharing Feature.
  • You can add up to six people to the group.

The person needs to have the Apple ID to add to the family sharing group. And if your child is 13 years old, you need to create a child account. As everyone knows, Apple doesn’t let the children create Apple ID for them on their own.

Steps to create a child account for Family Sharing

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to [Your Name] and then Family Sharing.
  • Click Add Family Members and select to Create a Child Account.
  • Follow the instructions to create an Apple ID for your kid.
  • Once the process to create an account is completed, use the email address and password you created to sign in to that account on your child’s iPhone.

Family sharing apps allow you to monitor the location of your toddler. So that, when children are out of your sight, and they forget to inform you, you can just check them with this application.


  1. Go to the settings application from your child’s iPhone.
  2. Inside privacy, there is the option of location services. Click on that.
  3. Now, click on Share your Location.

Find My App

For iOS users, the Find My app is beneficial to track their location. Not only when children are out of sight, but also when kids lose the iPhone, parents can find its location with the help of Find My. Besides directly opening the applications, you can track the location of your kids by using the shortcut method. This shortcut method is possible through iMessages.

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