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Earn Money Online with this Micropayments Mobile App

You can send and pay for services online using your airtime. With airtime on the Zoranga micropayments mobile app, you can pay for a lot of goods and services online or easily convert the airtime to cash and earn money online. If you are creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Zoranga’s API system and unmatched functionality will help you create the best possible product for your users.

This functionality by Zoranga micropayments will add more value to your airtime credits as you can now accept airtime as a form of payment from customers and convert airtime to cash in your bank account. The process is fast and reliable. You have the possibility to conveniently convert airtime to cash instantly at a very low rate. The signup process is very easy, it takes just a few minutes to sign-up on the Zoranga platform.

Steps to Set Up Your Zoranga Account and Convert Your Airtime to Earn Money Online

– Visit the Zoranga website to create an account This is free and takes less than two minutes.
– Once you successful sign-up, Click on deposit money on your Dashboard.
– Choose from the available means of deposit. The available options are: deposit using airtime PIN, deposit with 9mobile transfer or deposit with MTN Share n sell.
– The value will be credited to your Zoranga account within a few seconds and it will be available to be transferred to your Bank account or any other account you wish.

Earn Money Online

Once your account has been confirmed, you do not have to panic after you have mistakenly purchased airtime from your bank, just open your Zoranga account to convert it back to cash in your bank account instantly. Apart from converting airtime to cash, Zoranga also allows you to receive money from your customers in the form of airtime, you can have the API setup on your website and seamlessly get paid.

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The airtime goes to your Zoranga account where you can now convert and transfer the cash to your bank or sell it to an agent and get paid. You can check out Zoranga fees for conversion. You can also sell the funds in your Zoranga account to any Zoranga agent or other Zoranga customers.

You can Partner with Zoranga to Make Money

As a Zoranga agent, you will be in direct contact with customers wherever they live and work. Most successful Zoranga agents are likely to be people with existing businesses that are trusted in their communities and have a loyal customer base. Zoranga agents receive a commission for every customer transaction they do. For instance, an agent earns 5% of Ego purchases.

The more transactions carried out, the more money you will earn. This can result in a real new revenue stream. As a Zoranga agent, you receive commissions, increased foot traffic to your existing business. In addition, your role as a Zoranga agent gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses who offer the same goods and services that you do, as your store will become more of a one-stop-shop.

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