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Download 5 Best Crypto Exchange Script Software

A Crypto exchange script software will empower you to start your Cryptocurrency exchange business website. The software is a ready-to-use, multi-tested complete source that incorporates an inbuilt digital currency wallet with 2-factor authentication, multiple pairing support, KYC Authentication, and other added features to launch a crypto exchange platform instantly.

The Crypto exchange script by Zodeak is a proficient White-Label crypto exchange script software to initiate your crypto Exchange Platform with intuitive UI/UX, robust trade engine, and advanced features that address all your business demands.

The company has an adroit team of highly skilled developers. Their expert team is ready to help any Cryptocurrency business entrepreneurs from the consulting process to launching their website. At an affordable price, you can buy the software security to ensure the script and get rid of any technical agitations.

Bitcoin revolution and compatibility have paved the red carpet for multiple cryptocurrencies by influencing Blockchain technology making the demand for cryptocurrency trading has skyrocket in less than a decade and its exigency is enhancing.

Features of the Crypto Exchange Script Software

  • Login Protection: Users can log in to their account in a securable manner with the help of two-factor authentication.
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency Support: The Most gifted procurement for traders to Trade numerous Cryptocurrencies integrated into our White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software.
  • Liquidity and API Integration: To increase the order flow and fill the trade, We offer custom Liquidity integration that makes your transaction more secure and successful and notifies the status of the order.
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration: The Robust White label Crypto Exchange Script offers the integration of a Reliable Crypto wallet with top-notch security mechanisms executed.
  • Fiat & Crypto Quicker Transaction: With the help of high-end technologies, Users endure the withdrawal and deposit of both fiat and Crypto in a quicker approach.
  • Multi-Currency Pairing: Exert multiple Cryptocurrency Pairing options into the Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, and make extensive use of both Crypto and Fiat Trading.
  • Order Book With Trade Match Engine: The Crypto exchange script software is integrated with the most reputable and crypto-friendly Order Book placed in the Exchange platform for users to perceive the current status of the market trading.

Other Wow Features of the Software

  • Escrow Application
  • SMS Verification
  • API Based Current Price Display
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Sub-Admin Implementation
  • Support Management
  • Referral Program
  • Instant Notifications
  • Live Trade Chart
  • Trading Bot Implementation

The Best Crypto Exchange Script Software

Binance Clone Script

Binance is the first and foremost Cryptocurrency exchange platform in the Crypto realm. Its beneficial features gravitate users to opt for Binance in peer-to-peer trading. Binance highly kindles and pushes forward the entrepreneurs to start a Crypto exchange platform similar to Binance.

Crypto exchange script

The Crypto exchange script software offers a customized Binance clone based on the business requirements. You can launch your Binance exchange with the white-label Binance clone script that empowers the quality of trading ventures efficiently.

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  • Market, Limit, Stop Limit Order Bitcoins
  • Instant Trading Bitcoins
  • Tracking Real-Time Trading Bitcoins
  • Core Multi-Sig Wallet Set Up Bitcoins
  • Cold/Offline Wallet Support Bitcoins
  • Multi-Lingual Support Bitcoins
  • Complete Source Code Bitcoins
  • Dynamic Token Adding Bitcoins
  • Unlimited Token Listings Bitcoins
  • Mobile Wallet App Integration

Coinbase Clone Script

Another Crypto exchange script software with a widespread exchange platform among traders. The core reason behind the eminence Coinbase clone script is the user-friendly features and liquidity of the cryptos. So no wonder that this demand for the trading shows creates a scope for the entrepreneurs to kickstart a trading business like Coinbase with the peerless Coinbase clone script.

Coinbase Clone Script Script Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication: To safeguard from the breaches and to withstand reliability, two-factor authentication is enabled and it only lets the verified users carry out trade.
  • Wallet Integration: To store the cryptos within the trading site, a supportive and secure wallet is integrated and it can be transferred at any time to another wallet or bank account.
  • Multiple Crypto Support: The user may trade the coin from one crypto to another. So considering the user’s convenience, multiple pairing is integrated for better and fast trading.
  • Instant Buy / Sell: The integrations can be bought or sold at any time by analysing the trade market chart. With no wait time, users can own the preferable cryptos within the site.
  • Dispute Management: The admin can deal with any kind of user’s issue or dispute within the admin panel.

Localbitcoins Clone Script

A Crypto exchange script with top-notch Peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script which contains the fastest trade match engine, 100X leverage, and simulated trading with display ads along with OTC trading. With the help of P2P Escrow Services incorporated in our customizable LocalBitcoins clone script that permits users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly.

Crypto exchange script

Localbitcoins clone script accommodates all crucial and requisite features of LocalBitcoins that works on the Peer-to-Peer based crypto platform which upholds the trading more transparent and efficient.

The LocalBitcoin clone software specializes in the functionalities and peculiarities of LocalBitcoins. The Crypto exchange script developer team ensures that every client who obtains the product enhances a prosperous entrepreneur in the expected future.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script Features

  • Ad-Based Trading: This Ad-based Trading denotes creating an advertisement to buy or sell cryptocurrencies both online and offline. If the ads of buyer and seller match the corresponding needs of the buyer with that of the sellers, then the users can initiate the trades.
  • Location-Based Trade: Users or traders can connect with the localized providers in the various countries based on their IP. These unique features of our LocalBitcoin Clone Script attracted all the traders of our web platform. Hence, it has eminent trading volume along with liquidity.
  • 2-Factor Authentication: For an additional level of security, we implement advanced security features including two-factor authentication that render the ensured platform for the buyer/seller and acts as a protective wall from violations.
  • KYC Implementation: Each user needs to validate the KYC Identification. In our solution, users can execute KYC manually or we can automate it with third-party APIs and ensure admin and users are in a risk-free zone at trading here in your platform.
  • User-Friendly Platform: This facilitated Platform will be easier to handle even if the newbie of the crypto buyer or seller operates it. And this application assists the users to access their needs in just a few clicks. The Stunning Design of our platform attracts every user of the platform and gets addicted to your compact trading interface.
  • Crypto Wallet Integration: This Crypto exchange script software is integrated with the premier Localbitcoins script with a highly secure wallet. The Cryptocurrency is stored in the wallet if the user initiates the trade. When the transaction executes between the buyer and the seller, these highly protected cryptocurrencies are handed over to the buyer of the transaction.
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Paxful Clone Script

This Crypto exchange script software is one of the most preeminent peers to peer crypto trading platforms which encompasses more than 300 kinds of payment modes. This user-friendly platform instigated opportunities for trading business and Paxful clone set a stage to broadcast the business in the limelight.

Paxful clone script has developed by considering the major traits like certainty and reliability which highly suits business practices and helps one to be a distinctive venture among the competitors. The Crypto exchange script developer with their experienced team members, offer the optimum solution to onset your trading business website.


  • KYC Verification: To verify the identity of the customer and to make the process certain by ensuring the KYC/AML regulations.
  • Escrow Wallet: To set the seal on and offer secured transactions between the buyer and the seller, the trustable Escrow wallet has been integrated.
  • Proximity Match: Based on the chosen payment methods and other traits the match between the buyer and the seller gets executed which is cosier for the users.
  • Dispute Management: The disagreement regarding the seller and the user can be addressed and sorted out from the admin side to make stable the matter of requirements.
  • Chat Message: The seller and the buyer can share a room to have clarity regarding the trading without sharing their personal information within the site.

Remitano Clone Script

Last but not least Crypto exchange script on our list s one of the P2P exchange scripts which can be customized according to the entrepreneur’s needs along with Whitelabel solutions. The exchange script developers are one of the long-serving blockchain solutions companies with an experienced team, will draft your trading website which will be fully-fledged ready to get launched in the market.

Crypto exchange script

The security folded escrow system of the Remitano clone script helps the users to do safe and secured trading and also helps to earn trust from the end-users. Also, the multiple features included in our script makes the website to be the most unique and help it to be a distinctive one in the trading market.

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  • 2 Factor Authentication: To check and prevent the account from breaches or hacking, 2Factor authentication has been included and acts as a guard.
  • Order Book: The list of order histories are viewed in the order book. With the information including price, rate, payment methods and other details.
  • Matching System: Based on the geolocation, rating, payment method, exchange rate and the amount the matching system finds the best one for trading.
  • Text Chat: Information regarding the transactions or other additional verification queries is usually done with better communication, so real-time chatting has been included.
  • Payment Gateway: The gateways like Paypal, Stripe and other mediums have been integrated to conduct FIAT to crypto transactions.
  • Feedback and Review Mechanism: Based on the genuine reviews from the buyer and the seller helps to calculate the trust score and enables assured trading.

You can download these Crypto exchange script software integrated with the standard script, Crypto Wallet, Dashboard, API, and much more., which can be used to build Crypto trading websites for traders who want to be dealing in buying and selling or trading cryptocurrencies in a securable way. The main purpose of this Crypto exchange script software is to build a robust Crypto Exchange platform for professional Cryptocurrencies traders.

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