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Do You Know the 8 Airlines That Have Best Mobile Apps?

Many of us will be of a certain era when airlines used to give passengers’ tickets that comprised of many pages. Once you will process for your flight, they will remove those pages from your flight ticket book. One page of the ticket was always stapled to the boarding pass so that agents at the gate understand that the passenger has paid the price for the ticket.

But things have tremendously changed these days, you no longer get hold of a flight ticket book in your hand as you simply require a Smartphone to show your boarding pass to the security checkpoint at the airport and while boarding your plane. The airlines are working hard to make their mobile apps as friendly as possible.


Today, we will be sharing the list of airlines that are offering great mobile apps for passengers’ comfort and convenience. If an Easter travel is in your plan over the next few weeks? Consider booking cheap airport parking deals at Ezybook before time to get rid of any last-minute parking troubles.

Air Canada

The air Canada app is combining its airline, holidays and cargo functions into a single one mobile computing platform. You will need that to watch movies and your favourite TV shows while on Air Canada Rogue Flight. For Air Canda’s frequent flyer program, you have to download another app. You can link these two apps but still will need separate logins to access them.

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Alaska Airlines

While searching for award flights, the Alaska Airlines app presents you with any available flights and the number of miles needed. It is pretty easy and simple to toggle between award fares and revenue. You can also choose your meals before time, get yourself updated with first-class and standby waitlists, and can also switch flights upon check-in.

American Airlines

American Airlines have greatly improved their mobile app over the last few years. You can make use of the push notifications to change your flight, can make use of the bag-tracking feature for peace of mind, and can watch a lot of movies and shows free of cost in the air. Terminal maps and directions are given to the passengers to reach Admiral clubs. It also integrated with Siri Shortcuts to update you with the latest status of the flight.

British Airways

A slick designed mobile app that encourages swipes and scrolls instead of going for extra clicks. When you don’t have any particular date or destination in your mind, this app gives you the option to go for flexible searches, ultimately helping you to decide for your favourite place. There is a “timeline” feature, that provides you with a stream of info regarding your trip. This app is well integrated with Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts.

Delta Airlines

It is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive of all airline apps. From taking a picture of meet and greet Gatwick parking spot and saving it, to choosing the club you will be accessed based on your credentials, Delta app is very useful and desirable for most of the passengers. You can keep track of your bag via this app. There is another separate Gogo Entertainment app for watching entertainment.


The KLM mobile app lets you have information regarding flight info, trip listings, and bookings. You can make Flying Blue award reservations, as Air France-KLM is very beneficial for showing SkyTeam availability. A new feature has been pioneered in 2018, that allows you to have a look at carry-on bag being scanned on your cell phone to check if it will easily fit in the cabin. This feature is a bit clunky to use.

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Southwest Airlines

Southwest app is best for the users who love surfing. You can book car rentals and flight tickets via this app. You can easily search for the most common routes to the airport from your accommodation. It gives you the option to early check-ins and enjoys a few Rapid Rewards. While booking, you can easily toggle between paid and award tickets. You can also enter the flight entertainment portal for watching TV, movies and listen to your favourite music on certain flights.

United Airlines

Just like Delta, the United Airlines app is very easy to use and beneficial for the passengers. It is simple and easy to understand and is loaded with lots of features like Sudoko and a currency converter. You are updated with the latest status of your flight via this app and provide you with a standby/upgrade list.

You can enjoy in-flight entertainment free of cost via the United Airlines app. It’s MileagePlus X app allows you to earn bonus miles for your shopping. As a result of its regular updates, it has enabled expert mode for its users to view fare classes and grouping notifications in one place.

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