Digital Age and Screenagers Impact on our Children’s Life

We are living in the digital age where everything is connected with the internet. Now, the world is talking about the new technological revolution and that is the internet of things IoT. The IOTs will change the world to a large extent.

Most of the things around us will be connected to the internet. We can expect to see a better digital world in the near future. But for the parents, there are some issues in this digital age and that is about the teens and children.

Kids use phones and are grown up in an environment where everything is digital. So how they should be protected and take care of. We are going to talk about this in detail.

Children Growing Up in the Digital Age

It has been seen that kids born after 2010 are more obsessed with devices and gadgets. Even children born after 2000 are more than 18 years of age and have become adults. They also view things in the same as do their younger counterparts. One thing is very common and that is the obsession with the devices, smartphones and the internet.

This has a number of serious effects on the children and should be managed with strict hands. Parents need to take some measures in order to grow better kids in the digital age. Before we talk about the measures and solutions, we should have a look at the possible effects of the digital age on the children.

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Impact of Digital World on Children

Digital Age and Screenagers

They are Phone Obsessed

It goes without saying that the children born in the digital age see phones everywhere. They become obsessed with digital devices and when they grow up or become older, they are more obsessed with smartphones.

Spend More Time on Social Media

Here comes another effect of the digital age on the children. They see their siblings, uncles, and parents using social media so they are attracted too. At a very young age, they become social media pro.

Receive Bullying Effects

When the kids use social media and such other websites using the internet, it is obvious they will be bullied. On social media, this is the worst thing and more than 50% of American kids are bullied.

Brain Development is affected

Studies show that children receive negative effects due to the use of the internet, phones and social media. When they grow as an adult, their mentality is different than other people who use less social media.

They Start Dating Strangers

The smartphones and the internet have helped teens and kids date people from anywhere in the world. It makes it easy for them to find the partners. However, this game is very dangerous.

Play Video Games All the Day

There has been an increase in the shooting incidents in recent times in the US. Experts believe the teens involved in these incidents watch videos and play games before they kill others. This makes things clear for the parents now.

They Take Drugs Too

As things get worse, children and teens start taking drugs. Parents have no idea of it. This way the kids ruin their life and become drug addicts. When the parents know about it, this becomes too late for the teens to quit it.

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Better Parenting in the Digital Age

The debate above makes it clear for everyone that it is really hard to grow kids in the digital age when everything is digital. Following are some measures in this regard.

• Parents should talk to the kids and spend time with them. They need to make sure the children spend less time on phones and the internet. This will surely help them.
• Secondly, parents should use the Android spying app. With a spy app, they will be able to do better parenting and keep a check on the social media activities, phone use and internet history of their children.

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