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DesignEvo Free Logo Maker for Quality Looking Logos Review

DesignEvo is the best option to create free logos online. For a free tool, it is surprisingly well crafted and easy to use. With the logo maker library of thousands of templates, millions of graphics, and 100+ of different fonts it provides plenty of resources to put together a quality looking logo in just minutes. Let’s take a quick look inside the DesignEvo free logo maker tool.

DesignEvo Free Logo Maker Interface

Free Logo Maker

Once you click the “Make a Free Logo” button you will be taken to the start page where you can choose any template to work with by looking through the numerous categories or by entering a search term.

Enter Your Company Name and Slogan


After selecting a template you want to work with you will be prompted to enter your company name and a slogan. You can simply skip this step if you will prefer to add your text anytime later on too.

Impressive Collection of Icons and Shapes

Free Logo Maker

From this stage, you can insert any icons or shapes you want as well as any additional text. There are many graphics to choose from that you can easily integrate into your design however you want. The process of resizing, changing colours, and the layout of each element or the logo as a whole is really quite easy and intuitive.

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Preview Your Logo

Free Logo Maker

Once you are happy with the way your logo looks you can create a preview of your work. DesignEvo gives you a great glimpse of how your logo will look in real-world applications by placing it on a business card, letterhead, notebook, t-shirt and even as a business sign behind a reception desk.

Download Your Completed Logo

Logo Maker

When you are done and ready to get your logo files to click the “Download” button and you will be presented with three options (one free and two paid).

Give Some Credit to DesignEvo Free Logo Maker


With most free online tools you have to do something in order to get your final product and DesignEvo is no different in this regard. Luckily with DesignEvo all you have to do is give some credit by sharing a post about them on a social media account.

Or if you prefer instead you can give them credit for your logo’s design on your website. Social media posting is one of the quickest and easiest so it’s most likely the more popular sharing option.

Final Thoughts on DesignEvo Free Logo Maker

I really love DesignEvo free logo maker because you can use the logo maker to create a great looking logo in very little time for free. Yes, you do have to share a link to DesignEvo on social media in order to download your logo files but you get a straight-up legit logo with zero watermarks or obstructions.

The only features I could think of that would be an improvement to this tool is the ability to upload your own images to use in your logo design and to be able to save a draft of your logo project.

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The process and time it takes to design a logo with DesignEvo is painless and not limiting in terms of scope of design. If you want to make a personal logo or you are tasked to create one for your client else I’d give DesignEvo a spin.

Have you used DesignEvo? What do you think of this free logo design tool? Please leave your comments below!

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