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Data Recovery Tool with Exchange Server Recovery Tool

You can recover the complete Exchange database including all the items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, meetings, etc. Exchange server recovery tool can recover emails with all the attachments, fields, and details (sender’s name, receiver’s name, subject, cc, bcc, date/time of send and receive, etc).

You can perform data recovery for exchange at an incredible conversion rate using this software. It can also recover incidentally deleted items. It provides an option to recover data from the selected folder.

Exchange Server Recovery Tool

Softaken Exchange Server Recovery software is a kind of data recovery tool that can recover Exchange database from all the complex causes of corruption. This data recovery tool is designed by Softaken and it offers you quick and understandable steps in the recovery of the Exchange database.

You can recover Exchange database from the situations like

  • Exchange Server Crash
  • Unheralded shutdowns
  • Deletion of EDB.log file
  • Logical corruption of Exchange Server
  • Physical Corruption of Exchange Server
  • Problems related to Hardware
  • Virus attacks and Trojan infections
  • Deletion of the user without deleting user’s mailbox

The EDB file can stores both in-process and non-SMTP messages. This file is formatted using a b-tree structure, which includes a top level node and many child nodes. The EDB files used for the Exchange information store has two main formats: Priv1.edb and Pub1.edbe. Each of them have a corresponding .STM file that contain SMTP messages.

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Converting EDB Files in a Way That Is Seamless!

  • Converting EDB files seamlessly
  • A better solution for better business
  • Building connections again
  • Recover more in lesser time
  • Elevate your business communication
  • Product employing next-gen technology
  • Conforming to industrial standards

In today’s paper-less digital ecosystem, life in the cubicles is unimaginable without a proper email system; most enterprisers today are banking upon Outlook and Exchange collaborated email systems for their offices. But, Exchange downtime due to crashes or failures can be a very challenging and demanding situation.

By leveraging the Softaken Exchange Recovery software for converting EDB files into usable PST format, you can easily address the acute challenge of Exchange corruption/crash/downtime and catalyze the recovery process in a seamless way.

Once deploying this recovery-cum-conversion solution for Exchange, you can rest assured that your data will be converted and saved into PST format in exact shape without any alterations caused to it as our software maintains data integrity.

To jump-start this process of converting EDB files, you can click the download link without a second thought. Embark on a change to experience a paradigm shift from ‘no-Exchange-zero-communication’ situation to ‘usable-PST-rebuilding-connections’ situation.

Softaken EDB to PST Converter for Exchange Recovery Tool: Avoid Downtime

Softaken EDB to PST Converter for Exchange Recovery tool is the need of every organization if retraining from downtime become a hard task, with error messages and other hurdles blocking the normal flow. Downtime arises in two types as

  • Planned Downtime
  • Unplanned Downtime

Planned Downtime that demands converter EDB to PST for Exchange Recovery tool includes the operations that are to be carried out for making the system update or any other maintenance issues, which once created deliberately, may lead to inaccessibility of EDB file data, when tried to rebuilt to uptime.

  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software maintenance
  • Database maintenance
  • Offline backup creation
  • Infra-structure maintenance
  • Unplanned downtime that demands converter EDB to PST for Exchange Recovery is actually unwanted downtime that can last for longer than expected making the user unable to access the database in EDB files of the Exchange server
  • Disk and storage failure
  • Hardware failure
  • Human error
  • Network issues
  • Poor decisions that lead to corruption
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Both the planned and unplanned downtime can lead to severe issues as data corruption, inaccessibility of database, and so on. To overcome these issues it is advised to get a converter EDB to PST for Exchange recovery, as the technically sophisticated way is the best way to recover data that are corrupted from EDB files.

The Exchange Recovery tool will help to recover corrupted data and also allow to convert EDB to PST format so that the user can access the data before server connection being established. Many qualities are stuffed in the tool and the recovery tool is capable to recover and convert data from both Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb folders of the Exchange server.

Try-Out version is the mode to justify copy EDB 2 PST software and the free try-out version of Exchange Recovery software provides you the preview of unlimited copied items of EDB file, but, you cannot save them as PST file.

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