How Covid-19 Unlocked Gaming Industry Job Opportunities

The gaming industry is the largest industry engaged in the production, promotion, and monetization of computer video games. It encompasses dozens of individual job fields and its many sub-parts employ tens of thousands of individuals worldwide. Unarguably, COVID 19 has wreaked havoc on most of the businesses across the globe.

Industries like Animation, VFX, Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, IT and even Education have hurtled into oblivion. As a result, the field has become much more competitive and the jobs available are rising at an alarming rate.

A great number of entry-level jobs are available in the gaming industry, making it one of the most promising sectors in modern times

Industries like Media and education which were earlier considered as a recession-proof industry have stumbled irrevocably. The fate of professionals along with their families related to these industries are really concerning.

Covid-19 Unlocked Gaming Industry

Millions of professionals are getting laid off every month due to this pandemic. A total of 73.5 million jobs were lost in April 2021 with unemployment rising to 8%. (Source: In contrary to this reality, the gaming industry worth USD $118 has not only resisted the pandemic but also thrived the lockdown with 55% of consumers shifting towards gaming as the best form of entertainment.

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Despite being worst hit by the second wave of COVID 19, India exhibited strong and steady growth

Both market size and revenue grew remarkably. In 2020, with 7.3 billion downloads, India has emerged as the world’s biggest consumer of online games. This remarkable onset of games drove a 20% boost in global sales of gaming. Last year alone generated 20,000 new jobs across the globe.

According to the IBISWorld report, the unemployment rate is already at zero for those with game development and design skills. This offers an unprecedented opportunity for students and job aspirants.

Digital communities like Gamesmith, which are dedicated to gaming industry is flooded with thousands of job openings posted on their site with roles in design, engineering, animation and development.

In other words, if you want to pursue a robust career in the gaming industry, you need not be a pro at coding

Or if you think your skillset is inadequate for the gaming industry, then it is time to reconsider. This expanding job market needs employees from all types of background. Furthermore, your area of expertise might act as a conduit to foment your career in building the next blockbuster game.

One career trajectory is for students having skills in digital art. If you have a basic understanding of digital tools like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya or even Adobe Premiere; you stand a great chance to excel in the global gaming industry.

If you are from a traditional or fine art background, the gaming industry offers immense prospect to achieve your career goals. Starting from Pre Production to Post-production, the entire pipeline of game designing needs artists.

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Your BFA/ MFA degree can now land you a job with international projects. According to the international gaming jobs portal, Gamesmith; the average 30-year-old female artist or animator makes a salary of under USD 90,000 per annum.

If you have a flair for creative writing or literature, then your skill might help you create script for gaming studios. Compared to other segments of media industry, gaming scripts are much more vivid including each aspect of gameplay and narrative. Besides that, if you have a basic understanding of game designing and development; consider your career as recession proof.

Some most important segments of the gaming industry are developing and designing gaming experience

According to the New England Institute of Technology, the job market for these roles is predicted to grow by 9.3% between 2016 and 2026. These two segments harbour almost 90% of the job profile, ranging from level designers to lead designers and developers.

Hence the possibilities of employment are best in designing and development segments. Leading Indian production houses are always on the lookout for professionals with these skill set. One of the leading game production houses in India has finally commenced its own game development training centre at Salt Lake Sector-V in Kolkata to bridge the gap between talents and employers.

This empowerment centre thrives to explore and empower talented students in Eastern India and train them to meet global skill standards. According to the above-mentioned gaming site, all applicants need at least a computer science degree and an understanding of the fundamentals of programming to get a job as a game developer. The payoff is north of USD 100,000 for an average 28-year-old male engineer.

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Students from non engineering or non-technical background need not fluster

The gaming industry recruits professionals from a wide range of skills ranging from Music, Voice Artist, digital painter, animator, modeller, rigger, texturing artist, UI/UX designers. Students or professionals with a standard portfolio and experience can also apply for jobs in the gaming industry.

From 2021, Red Apple Learning have initiated their task of transforming students and noobs to crackerjacks gaming professionals. Students from fields like Biotechnology, Animation, VFX, BTech (CS, ECE, Mechanical) are getting trained and knocking out their post pandemic career uncertainties.

Like it or lump it, while billion-dollar universities and traditional institutions are struggling to place their students in dooming industries- Red Apple Learning is offering Pre Placement Offers (PPO) to all selected students right on the day of admission.

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