Infographic: 10 Best Content Marketing Video Checklists

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools in this internet marketing era. A content marketing video can deliver better results than any other marketing channel, yet it is often overlooked. Video marketing is an effective way to grab new consumers’ attention and connect with your audience to boost your engagement metrics in meaningful ways.

The term content marketing video refers to content marketing that includes

  • Video creation
  • Video production
  • Video sharing

You can generate interest in the products and services you offer by providing your audience with useful information about your business’ products or services. Additionally, content marketing videos can help you gain;

  • Visibility
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Conversions

The best part is that content marketing video is easy to do. The key is to create compelling video and optimize it for search engines to create value for content consumers and convert them into potential customers.

Infographic: 10 Best Content Marketing Video Checklists

Nevertheless, starting a content marketing video campaign can be challenging if you have never done it before. Now that every social platform allows video content for campaigns, many beginners don’t know how to get started.

Some will try making ‘any video’ because they believe people would love any video on the internet.

From the start, this is where things go wrong.

Before making a video campaign, it’s advisable to check out a video marketing checklist to help you find what you should do to make this work. The checklist contains everything you need to start video marketing in just a few minutes.

10 Content Marketing Video Checklist to Get Started Quickly

If you know what to do initially, achieving your marketing goal can be quite easy. Understanding the checklist is like having a cheat code of what you must do to ensure the campaign’s success.

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Here are some tips to help you make the right video campaign that converts.

Video Preparation

You should know your goal in making this video content at this stage. Make sure you have done enough research into your target audience and the type of content you’re going to make.

Content Planning

Planning for the content is always important before you start creating your video. You need to determine the objectives and goals of your video, who you want to reach out and what type of video will perform well.

Target Audience

You should clearly define your target audience to focus on the right people to make it work the way you want it to. Knowing who are your customers or potential customers would help you understand what they want and how they think.

Video Script Writing

Writing a script for your video is essential in getting started with this campaign so that everything will go as planned when recording or making the video content. It’s easier to create a storyboard before writing the script itself.

Storyboard Creation

Creating a storyboard is like creating a brief story about your product or service, why it’s useful, why people should buy from you, and what else they can expect from your brand or company through this campaign.

It’s important because it helps you visualize everything about your product or service without having to explain everything in words for every image shown in the storyboard.

Remember that the human brain is wired to process images faster than text. Creating a storyboard would make this campaign easier for everyone involved, especially with editing and finalizing everything after recording the video content itself.

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Video Production

The next step is ensuring the video-making process. When you’re entering video production, make sure to have all these lists checked beforehand. One of the important things to note is how you execute your content.

Find a Video Studio

Hiring a video production company is the best way to do it if you make a video animation. It’s because video animation usually requires more time for you and your team to create, plus you have to ensure that everything is done perfectly according to your needs.

Once you’ve found a video production company, make sure that they understand your brand and what you want to achieve from this campaign, especially regarding the tone of voice for the script itself.

Remember that more than 80% of consumers can detect a fake or dishonest tone of voice, so ensure everything is done professionally and correctly.

Video Production Budgeting

If you don’t want to spend too much on this type of campaign, we recommend creating a storyboard before starting the whole process instead of waiting until after recording the video content.

This way would help you save some budget for better production but also help you visualize everything about your product or service in just some images without having to explain too much in words for every image shown on the storyboard.

Shoot Videos

Once you have a storyboard, you can start shooting the video content itself. It’s important to ensure everything is done perfectly and according to your needs. You can take some help from the video production company and their team of experts, but you should always be in control of everything happening during the recording process.

Send Videos for Editing

After the shooting process, it’s time to send all recorded videos to an editing company or an in-house team who will help you finish this process as soon as possible. Make sure that they know what you want and how they should edit your videos because every detail matters regarding this kind of campaign.

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Post Your Videos Online and Promote Them on Social Media Channels

Once your videos are edited, it’s time for you to post them online and promote them on social media channels so people can easily find them and watch them whenever they want.

Make sure your social media channels are ready for such campaigns before starting the whole process because you don’t want people not able to find your videos online after posting them there yourself!

Check out the infographic below for more tips about content marketing videos.

Infographic: 10 Best Content Marketing Video Checklists
Courtesy of: Breadnbeyond


A content marketing video is an effective way to get success from online channels. While making videos is relatively easy, creating a compelling one may take time and effort. That’s why not every company has succeeded in using this marketing strategy.

Follow the tips above to get you on board with content marketing video campaigns. Once you know what it takes to make an engaging video, getting viewers has never been easier!

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Infographic: 10 Best Content Marketing Video Checklists

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