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Significant Commercial Property Spots in Lahore to Invest

Pakistan is a strategically located country with bundles of lucrative investment option for foreign investors as well as local ones. When looking for the best commercial property investment variance, one needs to be well-aware of the nitty-gritty of the real estate realm in order to make it through the cloudiness and gimmicks of this sector, and float smoothly towards the island of maximum profits.

Of all the property options of industrial land, plots (residential and commercial), constructed homes, agricultural lands, residential apartments, commercial plazas- which one is the rightest option? Albeit you would wonder, which one is the right option for YOU!

Now, that depends upon the mindset you have and the time-frame you want your investment to bulge out, and the initial investments you can putt into the real estate funnel. The idea is to reap gold-coins when you invest silver ones. To be precise, you choose what you want to invest in, no one else can think for you because you’re the owner here.

Don’t let this gimmicks of this industry sway you away in the wrong directions. has gathered some essential information to equip the readers with the know-how of what they have in the market to invest their money in.

Commercial Property

The commercial property company is a one-stop real estate marketplace that is offering a vast range of dedicated real estate services through strategically planned buying, selling and investment solutions to their valued clients. Whether you are a real estate investor who is looking for a good deal, or a property seller seeking best value for your property.

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Simaya enables you to list your property through state of the art and user-friendly tools integrated into the web portal. The real estate firm team of marketing and sales experts ensure a promising experience while buying, selling or renting your property.

Let’s start with the commercial property mainstream options

Defence Housing Authority

DHA is the posh area of Lahore. The community is designed and planned with perfection as it offers a variety of residential and commercial property situated in the vicinity of each other. This makes it easy for the residents to go for jobs and business works not far away from their dwellings.

This area is considered as a gold-mine for offices and other business operations as they have an elite class dwelling in the premises. If you long for investing in an area that is anticipated to offer you a good return on your initial investment or you want to proliferate your business, buying a shop in Y and H Block in DHA are the remarkable options.

Dream Gardens Lahore

For investing in commercial property in a not-so-posh society, Dream Gardens is a good option to start with. There is a wide variety of available investment options that help you step up through an instalment plan. By investing a small chunk (30-35%) of the total price, you can earn the possession of a plot here. For a time frame of about 8-10 years, this one is a good investment option.

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Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is a lucrative option for investing in commercial property in Lahore. The zonal designs and planning of this society are likewise DHA but the plots here are quite affordable as compared to the former.

The management of Bahria Town has strategically implemented the planning of the residential homes, plots and apartments, and the commercial zones planned in their vicinity to make easy the day-t-day processes for the residents.

Facility and comfort are what is mainly a focus of Bahria Town policymakers. Under the umbrella of commercial property, there are jewellery shops, top-tier restaurant and food-chains, hotel-chains, banks, mart, malls, rental office spaces and much more.

When we study the trends of buying and selling of commercial real estate in Bahria Town, it seems to follow that investing in this area from investment point-of-view, the payback will come out to be a bigger one.

In a nutshell, investing in commercial plots for sale in Lahore is a better way to maximize your profits than investing in residential plots for sale in this city.

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