How Does CoinTracking Compare to Other Price Trackers?

Cointracking is a slick, easy-to-use web application that displays real-time prices for the most popular cryptocurrencies. It’s built as an extension to the open-sourced Lionshare desktop app. First, you can search for any cryptocurrency you’re interested in and find the price quickly.

Users also appreciate the app’s simplicity and can easily see which currencies are trading higher or lower than their starting price. This comprehensive cryptocurrency tracker helps you keep track of your investment activity in over 5000 different crypto-related exchanges and wallets.

It offers a variety of reports, including

  • Trade statistics
  • Trade analysis
  • Realized and unrealized gains for various crypto assets

CoinTracking supports over 17,000 different currencies and 13 different tax methods. It the free software, but you may need a subscription to generate tax reports for transactions that do not exceed a hundred dollars.

CoinTracking Review

CoinTracking lets you keep track of your limited number of coins, this service also allows you to import your transactions from other wallets. The software also has various automated features and helps you make better decisions.

How Does CoinTracking Compare to Other Price Trackers?

Its website provides extensive documentation and FAQs. Users can download their records for free and track up to 200 transactions a month. However, paying for a lifetime license is best to gain access to more advanced features.

While many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trackers provide comprehensive information, CoinTracking makes managing your funds and transactions easy. You can choose from over 30 exchanges and five specific wallets. It also supports general wallet imports from blockchains, CSV files, and APIs.

Users can also set up a backup account to prevent losing important data. While CoinTracking supports all major exchanges, it does not support all popular hardware wallets. Another notable feature is its ability to perform advanced data analysis.

CoinTracking supports many exchanges and wallets, and its APIs enable users to receive real-time information about their holdings. Using this software is an invaluable tool for active traders as well as non-active traders.

It allows users to keep track of all trades and profits without having to enter data manually. Aside from tracking trades and profit, CoinTracking provides tax advice and reports. For mobile users, CoinTracking has a dedicated mobile app and high ratings on both Apple’s iTunes and Google Play stores.

While the app has fewer features than the desktop version, it still has a lot of benefits. The software is one of the most popular portfolio management apps available today, and it evaluates trades in real-time, creating crucial details like unrealized gains. CoinTracking is perfect for every type of trader.

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CoinTracker vs CoinTracking

If you are a newbie to crypto-investing or a veteran HODLer, comparing CoinTracking to other price trackers can help you decide whether it’s right for you. Both of these tools offer similar features but differ in some ways.

How Does CoinTracking Compare to Other Price Trackers?

CoinTracking is geared towards experienced users and features desktop and mobile support. You can also download the mobile apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. But what makes this software unique?

Besides a comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio, CoinTracking also provides a built-in tax reporting tool and trade import functionality. If you’re a professional cryptocurrency investor, CoinTracking is the way to go. With three different pricing plans, it suits any budget.

However, its simplest plan is free for those who do not make more than 200 transactions per month. CoinTracking also doesn’t automatically import transactions from your crypto wallet. CoinTracking’s mobile app is a great tool for analyzing and tracking your crypto portfolio.

Although the app features are less robust than its desktop counterpart, it offers many useful tools you may want to take advantage of. Its software tracker is among the most popular in the industry, analyzing trades in real-time and creating crucial details like unrealized gains.

Whether a beginner or an advanced investor, the mobile app can be a valuable tool for tracking your portfolio. While CoinTracking’s free plan is limited to two hundred transactions, the lifetime license makes it an excellent choice for power traders.

The price of a lifetime license is affordable, and there’s no limit to the number of transactions you can make. However, a lifetime plan might be the right choice if you’re a new trader. You’ll be able to keep track of your coins no matter how many times you trade.

CoinTracking Price

The cost of CoinTracking varies widely depending on the type of account you’d like to have. There are three different pricing tiers – free, lifetime, and pro. Each of these tiers offers different features. The free plan is good for a few transactions and may not be sufficient for power traders.

How Does CoinTracking Compare to Other Price Trackers?

However, a lifetime license can save you money if you plan to make more than 200 transactions per year. With the subscription, you can use the full feature set of CoinTracking’s tools for tax reporting purposes. You can also access tax-loss harvesting and portfolio allocation based on tax rules.

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CoinTracking offers free support and guides you through the entire setup process. You can also take advantage of automatic features and a Live API Check, allowing you to see what’s missing or wrong when importing cryptocurrencies.

This service is primarily geared toward companies and advanced traders. However, it does have a free version that allows you to track up to 200 transactions. The free plan provides basic reports on over four thousand coins and assets. The non-subsection data is also available.

You can see price and volume data over 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days and create your tax reports for your crypto assets. This service also supports all exchanges. CoinTracking can import data from 70+ exchanges and syncs with the blockchain.

Moreover, you can export data in CSV, XML, or Excel. The free plan allows you to track transactions on multiple exchanges and wallets. It also tracks your investment for tax purposes and has various payment options. It is compatible with various tax jurisdictions and works with CPAs and full-service professionals to help you comply with your tax requirements.

The service also includes verifications and missing transactions. So, CoinTracking is an excellent tool for anyone serious about cryptocurrency investing. This software allows anyone to track their investments and tax obligations.

While CoinTracking offers standard security measures and two-factor authentication, you cannot use it if you don’t have a working email address. However, it does allow you to access previous tax reports and export them.

There’s also a free plan for exporting tax reports, which can be useful for some people. You can choose the free plan to export data from CoinTracking, Coinpanda, or both. All three services have their advantages and disadvantages.

User reviews of CoinTracking

If you’re interested in learning more about CoinTracking, we’ve compiled user reviews for the program from around the web. To get the most up-to-date information, we analyzed 73 user reviews and ranked them to give you the best overall experience. Here’s what you need to know about CoinTracking.

Let’s start with a look at what makes it great.

As you’ll see, the software is easy to use and includes a drop-down menu. We also found that it supports several light shades, and the support team is very responsive. We also like that it is mobile-compatible, so it’s easy to take.

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First of all, CoinTracking supports almost every coin in existence. You can use its accurate price history to do technical analysis. It also provides comprehensive tax information. You can use this information to plan your trades and enter and exit points wisely.

You can get help from crypto tax advisors if you need it. You can also order reports through CoinTracking’s Full-Service team. There are also FAQs available. Users can import their crypto transaction history from 46 exchanges, including Binance and Bittrex.

It also supports Mt. Gox and several other legacy exchanges. It also supports hardware wallets. However, you should know that a subscription is required to use this service. Before downloading your transaction history, you will need to provide your time zone and personal details.

After that, you can view your portfolio reports in real-time. If you want to track your cryptocurrency portfolio and get an overview of your profit and loss, CoinTracking is the right option for you. It provides a detailed report of your trades, profits, and losses, including automatic tax and capital gains reports.

If you’re new to crypto trading, you should check out CoinTracking’s free trial. This software is a great option for investors, but you’ll need to use it to determine if it’s right for you. While a CoinTracking free trial account is free, it does come with a catch.

CoinTracking’s free version only allows you to make 200 transactions without paying anything. Once you’ve made 200 transactions, you’ll need to pay a plan to access additional features. CoinTracking also allows you to use margin trading transactions, although this requires a step many other crypto exchanges won’t offer.

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How Does CoinTracking Compare to Other Price Trackers?

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