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CEH Certification Requirements: What You Need To Know

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificate is an attestation developed by The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants or the EC Committee. Presently, CEH certification is a highly in-demand cyber security certification for professionals across the globe as security breaches and hacking are soaring.

The CEH certification is an introductory course to know the basic world of hacking and how hackers can infiltrate systems. Also, to become an expert at network-security skills, discovering weak and vulnerable security.

What Is Meant By Ethical Hacking?

Hacking is, as we all know, considered illegal. However, ethical hacking is a legalized process of infiltrating or penetrating computer networks, web applications, and systems.

In a way, an ethical hacker beats the hacker in their own game and is also called a white-hat hacker. They have good faith and no harmful intentions. The EC council came up with the CEH certificate course to prepare the aspiring ethical hackers for their adventurous roles.

CEH  Certification Requirements

This course provides in-depth knowledge of how ethical hackers can penetrate security systems, spot vulnerabilities, predict hacker activities for prevention, and deal with a hacking disaster in a real-world situation.

How To Obtain A CEH Certificate?

Finding the right CEH course is vital to make the most out of what it offers. A good instructor or trainer who has experience in the cybersecurity industry is central to a good training program. Ethical hacking needs to be taught with a practical approach with one-on-one sessions for maximum benefit.

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CEH certification course offered by Koenig Solutions is one of the leading global IT training organizations that provide four-hour, first-hand training sessions with the added benefit of learning flexibility. Choosing the right training centre and the course is of the essence to obtain a CEH certification successfully.

Things to consider before finalizing the same include

  • The expertise of the trainers
  • Length and quality of the sessions
  • First-hand interactions with the instructors
  • Coherence and clarity of the sessions
  • Beginner and advanced favourable

Are CEH certification Courses Easy?

Yes, with the right preparation and a good training program, Certified Ethical Hacker certification is achievable.

What Are The Advantages Of Getting A CEH Certificate?

Certified ethical hacker certification is one of the finest cybersecurity credentials offered by the EC Council. World’s biggest companies like

  • Tesla
  • General Dynamics
  • Oracle
  • IBM, and
  • Amazon

They all hire certified ethical hackers, IT, security, network, and security officers who review the integrity and security of organizations can apply the knowledge gained from CEH certification to prevent hacking to a great extent and amp up the overall security system.

Advancement Of Career in Security

People with a background in IT wanting to grow in their careers can benefit immensely from getting a CEH certificate. It will open doors to many good-ranking job titles and posts in the cybersecurity and IT market.

In the coming years, certified ethical hacker certification will become one of the most valued cybersecurity certifications for job qualification in the IT and cybersecurity industry. A CEH certificate on the resume will also uplift your chances of promotions and a salary increase.

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Gain Perspective of A Hacker

IT or network professionals who deal with large amounts of confidential data can learn how to detect holes and pinpoint vulnerability in the security systems to prevent hackers from gaining access to valuable information.

Hacking is critical, and understanding how hackers formulate their attacks will provide a dynamic edge in preventing hacking by meticulously finding areas of vulnerability that generally software can’t scan.

Learn Beyond the Hacking Tools

Using limited hacking tools to teach yourself hacking hardly ever works as there’s very little knowledge these tools can offer if not paired with in-depth understanding and application knowledge.

Becoming an ethical hacker by obtaining CEH Certificate will give access to over two thousand hacking tools and one forty real-world workrooms.

Who Is Eligible For CEH Certification?

The simple answer is everyone. It is an associate-level course, and no prerequisites are required to apply for this course. Therefore, anyone willing to learn how to get into the world of ethical hacking to IT professionals is eligible for this course.


With the rising cybersecurity issues like network inflation, security breaches, and advanced hacking techniques, the demand for ethical hackers to counteract these problems are also increasing.

According to research data, certified ethical hackers earn about 44% higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. Thus, CEH certification has become a highly sought-after course.

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