Cash Flow Analysis Software for Real Estate Companies

Real estate business is a lucrative investment opportunity to build a comfortable income for the future. Real estate potentially offers the benefit of appreciation, positive cash flow is what keeps you afloat with a supplemental source of income. The real estate cash flow analysis software can be used to calculate the money earned minus money out, which is an effective way to see how much money you’ve made.

However, if you’re trying to predict your future cash flows, you will want an average that takes into account slow times when you might not have a paying tenant. Most experienced real estate investors only buy properties that are cash-flow positive based on conservative estimates and skip those pesky negative cash flow deals.

As the real estate values rise, most of the properties listed for sale will be fought over by the real estate investors and home buyers, it seems that, once again, investment property buyers are paying outrageous prices for properties. As a real estate investor, you need a valuable real estate cash flow analysis software and a mobile app to help you in analyzing different cash flow scenarios. The flexibility of such software will allow for modelling different real estate markets.

One such real estate cash flow analysis software is Argus Enterprise. This is a valuable tool in the commercial real estate industry for property valuation and most comprehensive asset and portfolio management solution in the world. Trusted by leading investment firms to value property, secure capital, manage assets, and generate wealth.

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Argus Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis Software Key Benefits

Cash Flow Analysis Software

Global Valuations: Handles multiple currencies, global interest rates, area measures and lease structures, supporting RICS Red Book Valuation, Market Capitalization, and Discounted Cash Flow methods.

Gain Portfolio Transparency: See your entire portfolio in one view with dashboards that let you quickly assess values, identify risks, and adjust strategies to make sound data-driven business decisions.

Enterprise Scalability: The AE platform scales with any organisation to handle single asset valuations to global portfolio assessments with multiple partners and data providers

Powerful Sensitivity Analysis: Gain actionable insight on how macroeconomic changes will affect assets across your portfolio so you can make real-time decisions to better manage risks and optimize performance.

Risk Assurance: Debt and equity modelling allows you to manage with confidence knowing obligations to stakeholders can be met across multiple scenarios throughout the life of the investment.

Connected Solutions: Integrated with top industry solutions including Voyanta, the only commercial real estate data specific software that combines financial, non-financial and market data in one place.

Core Features

Cash Flow Analysis Software

Valuations and Cash Flow Analysis
– RICS Red Book, Market Capitalization, and DCF Valuation methods
– Real-time calculations and lease-level analysis
– Multi-measure, multi-currency, and complex debt structures

Budgeting and Strategic Planning
– Multiple budgets and re-forecasting scenarios
– Import property management data for historical accuracy
– Role-based workflow, proactive validation and detailed job cost budgeting

– Multiple report tabs for dynamic presentations and portfolio reviews
– Dynamic drill-downs to examine property-level results across a portfolio
– Multiple currency rate tables for global consolidated reporting

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Scenario and Risk Analysis
– Powerful sensitivity features for stress testing key cash flow projection and valuation assumptions.
– Create multiple scenarios and compare values from multiple valuation methods
– Globally update key assumptions like inflation rates, market rates, speculative leasing terms, sale dates, cap rates and discount rates

Investment and Fund Management
– Construct complex fund structures and joint ventures using a visual user interface
– Define waterfall distributions, including preferred returns, promotes and IRR lookbacks
– Forecast fund and investor level cash flows and returns, including fees and clawback

Integrated Solution
– Custom Excel Add-in to export data for more analysis & reporting
– Voyanta integrated to marry financial, non-financial and market data
– Works with property management systems to combine actual and forecasts. Learn more about Argus real estate cash flow analysis software

The alternative, you can download the real estate cash flow analysis mobile App, in a matter of minutes, you will know if the property in question will produce a residual income stream. This step by step investment app will guide you to positive cash flowing properties by turning green for profit, or red for loss.

The real estate cash flow analysis app will highlight the percentage of gain. This app also is a value-add to existing investment property owners to benchmark their incomes and modify business plans for future gains. It is a must-have for today’s novice and professional Real Estate Investor.

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