Candy Crush Clone: What is the Cost to Develop One

If you are in love with playing mobile games, then it is very hard to believe that you haven’t come across the game Candy Crush. You can start playing this game while waiting for a bus or standing in a long queue, or whenever you want. Just bring out your mobile or tablet, and you are ready to dive into the game.

Every year the app store and Play store get flooded with new mobile games, and each gaming application competes to provide a better gaming experience than the other. But there is one game that always topped the list with the most number of downloads. That is a candy crush.

Candy Crush Clone

The game was released on Facebook back in 2012 and then later on Android, iOS, and Windows. From its inception, this game has brought immense fortune to its developers. Today this game has over billion-plus users and generates millions of dollars every year. If you want to develop a Games Like Candy Crush Saga, then this article will help you.

You can use Candy Crush Source Code Android to develop your clone application for android. Here we will discuss how much it will cost you to develop a Candy Crush Saga clone application. But before that, let us discuss what exactly is Candy Crush Saga.

What is the Game called Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush is an addictive puzzle game that offers endless surprises and amusement to its users. It is a match-3 gaming application that wants its users to match frame lines to the same components. The game is pretty simple and easy to understand for all ages.

All a player needs is to make an excellent match of 3 candies by swapping them. As the game continues, the difficulty level of each stage increases along with additional sweet surprises. It also comes with

  • Top-notch visuals
  • Sound effects
  • High-quality graphics that keep users engaged and glued for long hours
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The game also organizes multiple tournaments per week where players can compete with one another and win sweet treats. With the help of the Candy Crush Source Code Android, you can easily develop a game like the Candy Crush saga for yourself.

As a game developer, you have to design exquisite layouts and engaging gameplay to draw new customers and convince them to join. Use Candy Crush Source Code Android for maximum benefit.

Candy Crush Clone Application Development Cost Breakdown

The cost of developing a clone application like Candy Crush depends upon a lot of components like the nations from where you are hiring the developers, the size of the organization, etc. Apps like Candy Crush may look simple to replicate, but it is not.

This game has put so many developers into thinking about how to develop a clone application like Candy Crush. Developing an application from scratch is always a costly affair. You might expect some help from Candy Crush Source Code Android.

The development cost also depends on the purpose of the application and the types of features and functionalities you want to include. The following factors add up to the development cost of an application.

Factors that determine the cost of development of an application

Graphics of the game

As I have already mentioned, a clone application of Candy Crush Saga must exhibit top-notch visuals and high-quality graphics. This game contains endless levels and each level brings new challenges. Each challenge comes up with layers of

  • Bubble gums
  • Chocolate blocks
  • Jems
  • Gummies

Even the simplest levels contain at least five different types of candies. If you are looking forward to developing a clone application of Candy Crush, then you have to work on at least 5 distinct game artefacts and 30 schemes.

And this is not the end. Let’s dive deep into the gaming graphics.

  • Playing field
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A simple game like Candy Crush features more than 9 thousand animated objects. This includes the level foundations, rewards, sweet boosters, etc. These objects keep a player engaged in the game for hours. You will require more than 2 thousand pictures for just a single game field. You can make use of Candy Crush Source Code Android for better results.

  • Game map

The game needs to have a map that will show the numerous levels of the game. And the map itself requires different and diversified animations

along with different backgrounds.

  • Game Screen

The game screen or game dashboard needs to have a game setting that is made up of more than 60 animated controls.

These are some of the factors related to graphics that need most of your attention and budget.


The soundtrack of a game must be complementary to the graphics. A well complementary soundtrack will enhance the gaming experience of players. As all mainstream mobile games contain soundtracks, you have to be aware of your competitors and provide better soundtracks than theirs.

For a match-3 gaming app like Candy Crush, you need to

  • One menu track
  • More than 6 tracks for different game levels.
  • At least 3 different soundtracks for the menu, game field, and the game.
  • 30 in-game sound impacts like clicks, taps, win sounds, etc.

To decrease the cost of the soundtrack you can use Candy Crush Source Code Android or sans royalty music.

User Interface

The thing that helps an application draw the attention of most of its users is its user interface. You need to have a good user interface that will allow your Candy Crush Saga clone users to spend a good amount of time on the application.

Try to keep things simple and easy. Or else, your game will confuse users and end up losing consumers. To provide the best user experience in your gaming application, you can use Candy Crush Source Code Android. This will help you develop an engaging game without costing you too much.

  • You need to incorporate game menu development that will give access to other in-game features.
  • Implement gameplay logic, AI-controlled procedures, game conditions, etc.
  • Include Social features in your user interface like Leaderboard outlines, Occasions, Multi-player gaming sessions, etc.
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Depending upon the features you want to include, The development of a Candy Crush Saga clone can cost around 45 to 50 million dollars. But this cost can significantly vary depending upon the location of your game developers.


The points I mentioned above are some of the primary factors that determine the overall cost of development. Candy Crush Saga clone application development can start from only $6.2k and go up to millions.

Other than app development, some other areas require your attention and budget as well. Making a gaming application successful like candy Crush requires much more than unique features and an attractive user interface.

To take your Candy Crush clone application to the peak of the App Store and Playstore, you have to promote your application. And for that reason, you will require a robust spending plan to promote your application.

You will have to spend a huge amount of money and resources in researching and developing an understanding of the market. That is how you will be able to come up with a fool-proof marketing strategy for your Candy Crush Saga clone.

Convince people why your application is different from other pre-existing games and how it can provide an amazing gaming experience to the users. This marketing stage can cost you a fair amount but it will be worth it.

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