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How to Build a Grocery Shopping App for Grocery Business

According to the research, almost half of the population around the globe uses the application for their day-to-day tasks and grocery shopping is no exception. Grocery shopping apps have created a new way for e-commerce and this has made Millenials get all the privileges of getting everything at the doorstep.

So, if you provide such services, Don’t you think it will be great to develop an Online Grocery shopping app? The future of this market is clearly going to make a huge impact on revenue generation. According to me, it’s a profitable business. Building a Grocery shopping app can be super convenient for the young generation and working professionals cause it’s a big time-saver.

Apps like instacart and Bigbasket have already created a buzz in the Grocery shopping app market and henceforth people related to such businesses are being inspired to make grocery delivery apps like instacart.

If you are here to see how Grocery delivery mobile app works then this blog will give you a piece of knowledge about how you can earn more customers and how you can earn more benefits from your grocery business. Let’s check the factors and features you should consider before developing your grocery mobile application.

Build Potential Customer Base with “GROCERY MOBILE APP”

The technology-driven world has made almost 80% of people prefer buying things online, which has made a huge impact on eCommerce markets. So, if you’re wondering why you would advance your regular grocery store, well it’s an opportunity to take your business a step further and get more sales. After all, that’s what a business target in the end right?

We as a Mobile app developer would love to help grocery stores build a potential customer base and increase their allover sales. Let’s have a look at how your grocery shopping app will work.

What does our Grocery Shopping App offer?

If we look at the worldwide revenue of Grocery shopping app, it was $80 billion and it is expected to increase to $137,6 billion by the end of 2020. When you build a grocery app for your customers, it should give them seamless experience by creating robust features and functionalities. The customers won’t wait until your app loads, so let’s see what aspects you should keep in mind.

Rich in UI/UX

User interface and experience have always been the centre of developing any application, those aesthetically appealing designs make an enormous impact on your customer experience, when you build an app like Instacart or Big Basket, visually attractive design is important. Don’t neglect the visuals and designing of your Grocery shopping app, you must assure every little feature and functionality.

Categorized product list

A well-organized Grocery list category can give your customers joyful shopping experience. So you should give enough priority for creating a well-ordered category list. It can be feasible for your customers to find what they are looking for a lot faster.

Payment modes

You can combine multiple payment options in your grocery app which enables the customer to pay as per their convenience. For example, Online payment, Net banking, Cash on delivery, etc.

Smooth User Experience

Your users are gonna interact with your app and hence it is necessary to provide them with a feature-rich grocery app. This will allow them to operate the app easily. About 86% of customers use delivery services at least once a week. The only drill is to make your app user-friendly.


GPS tracking allows users to track their orders from dispatch to estimated time for delivery, this feature makes your customer hooked to your app. It is one type of engagement model.

Offers & Discounts

In order to keep the customers occupied in your grocery app, repay them with reward points or cashback on every bill received. You can also send them to push notifications for membership and the various offers. Yearly membership fees will be useful to you as well as the customer.

Development Process

When you develop an app for the grocery shopping list you must know the development process from scratch so there are no queries. To develop such an app you can either Hire Mobile App Developers or outsource it. Let’s take how Mobile app developers will do the job.

We can conclude that in simple steps

SOW document

The first step is to prepare an SOW document your Grocery Delivery App Development Company will prepare it with all the essential features you want in your application. You can choose only basic features for instance and then the development company will proceed.

Outlines and Deadline

After preparing documents you will know about the output, the output will be an overall mock frame of your entire production process. This feature will allow you to see the outline of your app and you’ll know where the performance graph is going up and where it goes down.

.Design the Wireframes

After creating outlines and deadlines of the whole process your grocery delivery app developer will go through, the designer team will create a wireframe of your application which will give you a clear idea of how your app will look at the end.

Backend development

Once the designing and wireframing of your application are done and you approve the design, the developers will take over the sprint by starting the development process. They will connect the database and manage the UI/UX interfaces.

Quality Analysis

When your app is ready to launch, the Quality Analysis specialists will ensure every little detail of your application. Which covers the tiniest bug to the quality of your application.

Deployment or Launch

Once your application passes through the quality analysis process, you can finally launch it on the chosen platforms. Android and iOS platforms have their respective processes that can be taken charge of by the developers.

Cost to develop Grocery shopping app

The cost of developing the grocery shopping list application according to the features, functionalities, and platforms you choose will vary you can totally rely on. We can conclude that the development process can take up to 600 hours multiplies with the hourly cost. So, keeping all the factors in check, the development process for your grocery shopping list app can cost you $10,000 to $30,000 in total.


So, if you’re looking to build a mobile app for your Grocery business? Searching for a cost-effective platform? Get your Application developed by our expert team. Connect with Kody Technolab for further information.

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