BlueJ Free Java Development Tool for Beginners

BlueJ is a Java SE development environment that’s been designed to make building enterprise-grade Java EE applications easy. It includes all the necessary features for Java EE development. The main feature of this software is that it is designed to create JSP applications that can be deployed in the cloud, run on the internet, and run with similar ease to client-side applications.

It is an extremely useful tool for the successful development of enterprise Java applications. The software contains the features that are needed for developing applications for the JVM. It is used to develop applications that are friendly with the JVM environment and to create JVM-aware applications.

BlueJ is can be used to simplify and streamline the process of JSP application development


When using it, the developers don’t have to use any of the plugins that other developers have – instead, they can use the features as they are. This helps them avoid having to write any code or programs to use specific features.

The web server works in the same way as that of the client/server architecture that’s found in the popular JBoss IDE, creating a way for developers to work together in a team without any major problems. BlueJ is especially good for team development projects.

Another added feature that comes along with BlueJ is the automatic loading of modules, including web standards and Java EE modules. This allows developers to avoid repetitive code and allow modules to be loaded in the proper order and in the manner that they were supposed to be loaded.

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Another feature of BlueJ is the ability to build JAR files with the use of its built-in JAR compiler. BlueJ can also be used as a standalone tool that uses the IDE features for development.

This software is perfect for project teams who do not want to mess around with source code. There are plenty of modules included in BlueJ that will work with just about any application that you are looking to create. The developer can also use it for testing out different versions of a project to make sure that the changes are working.

The reason that this software is considered to be an open-source platform is that all of the source code is available to the public. BlueJ runs on most operating systems and can be installed through the Internet.

BlueJ Java Development Tool Features

  • Support the learning and teaching of object-oriented programming, its design differs from other development environments as a result.
  • The main screen graphically shows the class structure of an application under development (in a UML-like diagram), and objects can be interactively created and tested.
  • The interaction facility, combined with a clean, simple user interface, allows easy experimentation with objects under development.
  • Object-oriented concepts (classes, objects, communication through method calls) are represented visually and in its interaction design in the interface.

Other features include

BlueJ is a Java development environment that allows users in developing Java programs quickly and easily. Its main features are that it is

  • Simple BlueJ has a deliberately smaller and simpler interface than professional environments like NetBeans or Eclipse. This allows beginners to get started more quickly, and without being overwhelmed.
  • Designed for teaching BlueJ is deliberately designed with good pedagogy in mind. There is a popular textbook designed for teaching introductory university/college courses with BlueJ, and a site full of teaching resources.
  • Interactive BlueJ allows you to interact with objects. You can inspect their value, call methods on them, pass them as parameters and more. You can also directly invoke Java expressions without compiling. Thus BlueJ is a powerful graphical shell/REPL for Java.
  • Portable BlueJ runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms which run Java. It can also run without installation from a USB stick.
  • Mature BlueJ is over fifteen years old but continues to be updated and supported by a full-time team. We aim to respond to all technical support requests within one working day.
  • Innovative BlueJ has several features not seen before in other IDEs. Its object bench, code pad, and scope colouring were all original BlueJ features.
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BlueJ has a simpler interface than most professional IDEs, but its functionality is not a subset of those kinds of environment. While many of the standard development tools exist, such as an editor, compiler and runtime environment, it also offers tools that are specific to its educational goals and not found in this form in common professional environments.

These include interactive object creation and method invocation (via the “Object Bench”), simplified debugging and teamwork controls, interactive, line-based expression and statement evaluation (via the “Code Pad”), and automated creation of JUnit classes from recordings of interactive test sequences.

You can download Blue for Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu/Debian, and other. The following are the system requirements

  • Requires 64-bit Windows
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Also available: Standalone zip suitable for USB drives.
  • For Mac OS X, it requires OS X 10.11 or later.

Please read the installation instructions. (Works on most platforms with Java/JavaFX 11 support). BlueJ now uses Java 11+, which requires a 64-bit operating system, which 95+% of users will have. For 32-bit operating systems, download BlueJ 4.1.4 instead.

BlueJ allows for JSP coding as well as standard Java application development

There are many different programs that are available through which you can create your modules, including the Maven, Gradle, and DotNetNuke plug-ins. These are commonly used in developing frameworks.

BlueJ can also be used for desktop publishing. This means that a project can be built with the use of a full JVMS application. This enables the JVM to run on a wide variety of platforms and computers.

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If you want to build a product or an application that can be used by other people or companies that need a JVMS-based service provider’s Java application, BlueJ can be used for your needs. The feature that it has in providing comprehensive tool support is a plus for its developers.

One of the best things about BlueJ is that it is very lightweight and can easily meet the service provider’s requirements. It is used by almost all service providers and has been successful in helping them manage their Java software development projects successfully.

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