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Best WordPress Developers Tutorial for Beginners

According to the report by W3Techs, only WordPress powers around 37.8% of all websites on the World Wide Web. Now, if asked the reason why WordPress developers are so popular as a career, then the answer is one factor, users don’t need to learn coding skills to build a WordPress website.

That means the developer can quickly build a website via customizing its appearance, extending functionality via plugins, etc., which is relatively easy and reliable. This is why WordPress is the most popular free and top of that open-source content management system online. On the World Wide Web, millions of pages primarily use WordPress as a blogging platform.

  • Are you looking forward to making your career as a WordPress developer?
  • So, let’s start to find out how you can become a successful WordPress developer?

If yes, this blog is specially written for those aspirants who want to become successful WordPress developers.

Who is a WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer is a professional who is specialised in the infrastructure and ecosystem of the WordPress platform. Their main motive is to improve the software of WordPress itself, or you can say creating new products in the form of plugins, themes, etc.

WordPress Developers Tutorial

However, for this, they must know various programming languages and can easily work with HTML, SQL, GIT, CSS, etc. Thus, if you want to be a successful WordPress developer, you need a deep understanding of WordPress core, must have excellent PHP skills, and, lastly, immense knowledge of WordPress products so that you can create new plugins and themes or use this link for top dedicated WordPress developers.

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How to become a WordPress developer?

If your ultimate goal is to become a WordPress developer, then you must be aware that WordPress nearly occupies 80 million websites on the internet, and this number is still growing. Apart from that, many website owners are looking for the best WordPress developers to customize their web pages.

So, let’s discuss simple steps which can lead you to the journey of a WordPress developer: –

Learn the basics of coding

To prove yourself as one of the successful WordPress developers, you need to understand the technology. That means you have to understand the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc., bare minimum. However, this will also allow you to conduct essential debugging and troubleshooting, etc.

Learn everything about WordPress as you can

If you explore the internet, there are several WordPress courses that you can take online. These courses will help you learn various things like how to upload customize WordPress plugins and themes. Moreover, you will also learn the type of plugins and how all the parts of WordPress work together.

Select your focus area

If you want to become a WordPress developer, you have mainly three choices in front of you that is core software, themes, or plugins. You have to work on all of these but have to be an expert in at least one. Let’s have a look at the development area: –

  • Core development: Developers of this field create and edit the WordPress core itself. WordPress core is the software available for download on the official WordPress website.
  • Theme development: This area WordPress developers create custom themes. These custom themes developers either create themes for individual clients or release them for free WordPress Theme Directory.
  • Plugin development: They create custom plugins that mean their work is quite similar to theme developers.
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Get ready for challenges.

Everyone knows that working with software is always tricky. No matter how much you are careful while developing software, you can run into a problem that will indeed cause issues about display and functionality.

All these things can also lead to website downtime, bugs in the code, and various other system crashes. So, as the WordPress developer, you are always ready to face every challenge that comes your way.

Take projects voluntarily for practice.

Practice makes a man perfect. Once you get proficiency in any field of WordPress development, now it’s the best time to put your knowledge into practice. So, to get an excellent job, first, build your portfolio by creating a few of a few projects voluntarily.

But make sure you don’t work long for free otherwise, you will not be able to make your client base.

Keep learning

The work of a WordPress developer needs lots of skills, hard work, and top of that, excellent communication skills, which will help you negotiate with clients and market your services. So, if you are passionate about becoming successful WordPress developers, the journey of learning cannot be stopped.

To upskill different ways to make the website compelling, attend webinars, online courses, read books, and in this informal peer learning is a must.

The bottom line

Learning to become a WordPress developer is not a pretty daunting process if you are new to this field. But as you know, it is a very user-friendly content management system (CMS); you can learn it quickly, and after that, working as a WordPress developer will be exciting and lucrative.

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So, start your journey to become successful WordPress developers by following the above points in the right direction. However, for more information, use this link for the top dedicated WordPress developers.

I hope you liked this article on how to become a WordPress developer? Good Luck!

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