The school’s resumption is one of the major events that happens in January, both parents and the children look forward to it. It is crucial that parents strive to secure a back to school loans and send their children back to school early before they start missing classes and important aspects of the term’s curriculum.

Knowing the importance of education, it is the wish and prayer of every parent to give his children the best of education. Early resumption is one of the ways that parents can encourage their children to be well adapted to education. Even when its affordability is not very convenient or within their reach, parents go extra mile to give their children a good education.

For parents who have growing needs or have been affected by emergencies or circumstances beyond their control and as such cannot their children on time due to the lack of funds, what then is their fate?

Should you watch your children stay at home and suffer for what they know nothing about while other children shine on in school and top their classes? With back to school loans intervention offers from forefront financial institution like Page Financials, sending your children back to school shouldn’t be a nightmare to any parent regardless of whether you’ve spent so much money in December or not.

Truth is, as the year begins, it comes with a lot of expectations and new projects spring up, it is very likely to run out of cash while trying to manage the financial situations, which is why we have Back to School offers that gives parents loans without hassle and serve as a cushion to help them conveniently send their children back to school.

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Steps to get the Back to School Loans from Page Financials up to ₦5Million in less than 3 hours

Back to School Loans

Before now, accessing loans used to be a herculean task, the process used to be so tedious and near impossible to get the loan, so much that people dreaded the mere thoughts of applying.

Even after the much-required documentation, the success rate was negligibly small. All that has changed with the revolutionization of personal lending by FinTechs, Page Financials is one of the front-liners making sure that people get the loans they desire in record time and without stress.

To get a loan from Page is simple, visit the application page of the company website at page financials registration page and fill the short form. You will be required to provide some details about yourself as well as your employment information.

With a good internet and fast device, you can complete the back to schools loans application in less than 5 minutes (you should have all information ready at the time of application, click here to see requirements). After filling the form, your application will be evaluated and feedback will be given to you within 3 hours.

If you meet all the requirements stated on the website, you can get your loan approved and funds deposited in your account within 3 hours. All these happens online so you do not have to leave the comfort of your home or office for anything.

The fun part is that interest rate on this loan is uniquely competitive, what that means is that you will get a rate that is different from what every other person gets. This is an AI system that allocates rates based on unique customer’s previous financial data.

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So, whatever your credit history is, whether it’s your first loan or your 100th, or maybe you have a running loan elsewhere, our system has a sweet way of evaluating you and giving you an offer that is irresistibly good.

No More Excuses, apply for the School Loans and send Your Children Back to School today

We’ve laid out everything for you, built a fast and sure way to get the money you need to send your children back to school, with a convenient way to repay spread across 3 to 12 months, you don’t even need to leave your house or office to apply, no rigorous documentation or anything of such, all you have to do is to take this opportunity and make good use of it.

You can reach Page customer service (available 24/7 any time of the day) on 016317243 or send an to if you need help applying or want to ask any questions. Page financials social media handles are also active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn at – @Pagefinancials.

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