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Best Videos Maker to Turn Web Contents to Video

Buzzvid is an Artificial Intelligence videos maker for PC to automatically turn any keyword or text into amazing lead generating viral videos that will help you to generate organic website traffic from Facebook, Google Search Engine and other Search Engines, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is a video maker for YouTube with a full video editor that is as powerful as after-effects but easier to use than Windows Movie Maker. Buzzvid is a fast, full-featured, near-pro-level video editing application without a steep learning curve which enables you to create or edit your videos to perfection.

Best Videos Maker

Buzzvid videos maker software partnership with Zapier means that users can connect their Buzzvid account to 1000+ apps and distribute their videos to social and video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Reddit, and more for free automatically. You can get your videos in front of more people and generate even more leads and organic website traffic for your business without doing anything extra.

4 Amazing Viral Videos You Can Create

  • Listicle Videos of Top 10 Videos Maker: Channels like Watchmojo, Screenrant, and Toptenz have generated over 18 Billion views creating “Top-10” videos. Now you too can turn any keyword into a “Top-10” viral video in just a few clicks!* You don’t even have to brainstorm the video idea. Buzzvid’s Artificial Intelligence can convert any keyword into 100s of listicle video ideas and instantly turn it into a viral marketing video for you.
  • Turn Text to Video Automatically: People normally search YouTube to find information on just about everything and it can be a source of amazing laser-targeted leads. Creating a good information video typically requires a lot of time and money. But Buzzvid videos maker makes it easy because all you need is a keyword or some text. The Artificial Intelligence of the videos maker will take care of the rest including finding the content, adding graphics, creating a voice-over and turning it into an engaging live talking video.
  • Turn Podcast to Video: Buzzvid’s Artificial Intelligence can actually transcribe your MP3 recordings to text, add graphics and create a beautifully animated marketing video for you – 100% automatically! You can now say goodbye to boring waveform videos that nobody watches! Now you can create super engaging visual videos from your podcasts without any video editing!
  • Create a Product Review Videos: People often use YouTube to find product reviews or alternatives before buying. You can get in front of these laser-targeted leads by making product comparison videos. Educate and inform viewers about their choices to build trust and authority. You can even include your product in the comparisons to explain how your product is better and siphon this laser targeted website traffic to your own business.
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Create your Videos and Keep 100% Profits

In addition to video editing costs, designers often charge extra for voice-overs (e.g. $5 for 50 words), graphic and background music customization, audio-sync, etc. Some designers charge hundreds of dollars for commercial use licenses if you’re using videos to promote your business.

People are making a lot of money selling videos online and it’s not uncommon for businesses to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to create videos to promote their businesses online. It takes about 2 to 5 minutes to create similar videos with Buzzvid. If you are a freelancer or an affiliate marketer, this can create a very good side income for very little work!

Using Buzzvid videos maker is the easiest way to boost your video views and traffic by using Custom Thumbnails. This is because thumbnails are usually the first thing viewers see when they search for a video – you have to make sure your video thumbnail stands out and gets viewers’ attention.

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