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Best Tips To Use Microsoft Office 365 Like A Pro

Office 365 has become one of the important parts of the organization today. People who use computers must be aware of the basic tools like MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Emails and more.

Most of the growing organizations are now depending upon suite tools to coordinate with their clients, employees and other interested parties to communicate and manage the information effectively. Office 365 by Microsoft comes with multiple productivity tools that are helpful for business growth.

Introduction to Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription-based service of Microsoft productivity tool launched in the year 2001. It contains applications similar to MS Office such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more that depends on the plan that the user buys.

 Microsoft Office 365

This comes with Microsoft teams, planners, publishers, One Drive, Skype etc. Many plans are offered by Microsoft office that is beneficial for Schools, Universities, NPO’s and home users. It also has mobile-friendly functions which makes it an easier to operate solution.

Office Connectivity

You can use Office 365 without the internet however it has been noticed that just like other SaaS, office 365 works more efficiently with the internet. It is created to work with every type of internet but there are certain cases when the functionality hampers due to poor network connectivity. This can be because of remote working or working from any other side of the world as they are not in the same network. To clarify this type of issues organizations are now shifting to SD-WAN

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Which is a virtual form of Wide Area Network and it is hosted on the cloud. WAN traffic is high as compared to others. SD-WAN increase the productivity of every employee and hence this type of network becomes an essential element for an organization.

Use Office 365 like a Pro

Setting up a Microsoft Office 365 and using it like a pro is simple to perform. This solution is supported by all types of Operating systems including the Mac OS system. You need to install an installation file, to begin with, Office 365.

Moreover, you will also require an Outlook account to start however you can also create one during the installation process. Once you install or download the file it will install the applications that are included in the subscription. The access of emails can be done through the domain names for every type of plan.

Know about the Shortcuts

Shortcuts are one of the most convenient ways to do your work even faster than the normal workings. The shortcuts are helpful to provide you with better speed with the utmost accuracy and convenience.

Office 365 shortcuts can be used in applications like Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and more that can facilitate your workings. There are more than 100 shortcuts that will help you to run your applications with ease and the best feature is that it can also work from one application to another.

Using SharePoint

By using SharePoint you can create custom WikiSites. It’s a knowledge management tool that helps users to share their viewpoints. They can customize their Wiki pages and link them to build a certain communication.

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Service Health Dashboard

By using the service health dashboard you can troubleshoot issues that occur in office 365. Whenever the user faces issues relating to office 365 by the use of Service Health Dashboard in connection health you can easily troubleshoot and identify the problems with ease when you have adman level of permissions. Read This Article also: – Dedicated Hosting to Grow Your Business

Mentions and Tags

Office 365 comes with one of the most convenient features of tags or mentions. You can easily tag or mention your colleagues and other important users in the email conversation. Tags or mentioned is one of the most effective ways to gain someone’s attention by using “@” before the name of a specific person would help you to notify the specific person of a specific purpose.

Flexible solution

Office 365 is a flexible solution that provides admin-level access to transfer licenses from one user to another. If an employee leaves his or her position admins can easily assign the previous license to another employee.

Recall an Email

Sometimes there are chances that you mail some wrong message to the wrong person by mentioning the wrong receipt. This might happen unintentionally with many users.

In Outlook, you can recall the mail easily by the recall function. However, this function won’t be able to help you if the mentioned receipt is external i.e. of Gmail or Yahoo or any other mailing option. Thus it only works for outlook with a Microsoft Exchange account.

Stay in Sync

Office 365 helps you to stay in sync without restricting different time zones. Documents that are saved in different locations can lead you to trouble at the time they are demanded. They can also cause confusion and stress when are not available on time. By the use of Office 365 employees can work in real-time and save their files as well. Hence, your files remain updated all the time.

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In conclusion, office 365 is becoming an essential part of an organization. It helps the institution to enhance work productivity. by making use of Office 365 your employees become highly efficient and they get capable of doing more in fewer timings. Employing experienced people or admins will help you to use Microsoft Office 365 with ease. Admins will help you to transfer the communication to the right channel.

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