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Best Tips To Build Your Instagram Brand Organically

What exactly defines Instagram growth? Instagram growth begins with the total followers count you acquire and gain. But to see the increase in these counts, you need to build your Instagram brand exposure, make engaging content, and overall engagement.

If you fail to grab these, no one follows you more. Test the following tips if you need to develop your Instagram brand organically

Maintain Consistency

On Instagram, you can’t get viral every post that you post. Get the basics of Instagram. First, you want to know a perfect way to bring your Instagram posts to your potential audience. Analyze your posting frequency, posting schedule, and quality of the content.

Notice what you can do well to the reach and the improvement areas? A recent study shows that the central timing in the morning is the peak time for all industries. If you have analyzed the right time to post your content, then take this to begin.

Build Your Instagram Brand

Posting your content at the right time(when most of your followers are active on the platform) helps bring maximum reach for your content and grows your Instagram profile organically. Posting regularly brings up an excellent expectation for your fans to look for the next post.

Huge Instagram brands would upload many times every day, and small businesses post fewer times a week. And it’s essential to maintain consistency in the quality of your content. There are multiple distractions on Instagram feeds, so you want to avoid them from the front.

Spend Some Bucks In Content Production

Engagements are not limited to any posts. The platform applies new metrics now for content types such as story mentions, story replies, and IGTV views. With increasing content types on the platform, there are massive opportunities to gain your overall engagements and organic growth on Instagram.

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If you have only worked with in-feed posts, try out stories consistently for your Instagram brand organic growth. You could use Instagram stories in different ways to gain followers, and it’s also an excellent opportunity to know your audience well.

An example of perfect content diversity is the famous online bakery’s AR filter that would add cakes to the phone camera or replace both eyes with cupcakes. The design of these cupcakes is their unique cake product, so when people use this filter option, they will mention the bakery. In return, the bakery could repost these UGC(User Generated Content) into their Instagram stories.

Content quality & uploading consistently is more crucial for profile growth. Spend some time on how to click better videos and pictures or pick a content creation agency or freelance videographers/photographers to help out this.

Run Contests And Promotions

Everyone likes freebies, discounts, and giveaways. But the marketers won’t post what consumers need every time. This mismatch brings great opportunities misses for marketers in making social media content.

A report concluded that nearly 75% of consumers want sales or discounts uploaded on social media brands’ pages. Generally, only 20% of marketers on social networks think that offers or discounts are needed on social media.

This expectation mismatch won’t create any path for providing customers with what they need. To effectively build your Instagram brand presence and gain your followers on Instagram, run promotions and contests. Ask your audience to do any one of your requirements to participate in your giveaways.

The requirements may be to follow you, follow your influencer’s page, or tag you with one of their friends to get huge exposure. If you come up with your giveaway quarterly or monthly, your fans would like to check your profile regularly for the next one.

Share Your Content On Other Networks

Don’t dumb yourself only on Instagram. How often would you say about your Instagram profile on your various social media networks? Most people have more than three social media profiles. Each platform acquires its unique power, so you could gain different audiences with many auto likes on Instagram via mentioning your IG presence in various places.

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Get more traffic from other social networks to your Instagram profile for eye-catching content or discounts. Also, you could utilize another visual guarantee platform to enlarge the traffic to your Instagram content. Otherwise, your content might have a low short span on Instagram.

Rather than social media, there’re many areas your brand can use to increase your Instagram followers organically. Including social media options in your site’s footer, email newsletter, and great digital ads are perfect examples of cross-promotions.

Also, you can increase your followers count instantly offline. If you run an offline store and provide a phrase like “Our Instagram followers can purchase products with 5% offers” in your store walls more attractively, it brings you instant followers to your Instagram account. Moreover, they are your potential followers.

Connect With Influencers

The influencer market has grown in recent years; there are many ways available for social budgets to work on influencer strategies of all business sizes. There are two types of followers on the market:

  • Micro-influencers
  • Macro-influencers

Micro-influencers are the ones who have fewer followers, but they have a more engaged target audience. These influencers are primarily interested in working with Instagram brands that align with their niche. If you work with micro or any nano influencers, you could build your company’s trust. As they upload your brand or product to their fans, your Instagram profile would develop with them organically.

Boost Engagement Time

It is proven that growing your IG profile is based on your activeness on Instagram. It means spending more time on the platform, such as replying to your follower’s comments, answering every question, and reuploading UGC(User Generating Content).

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Creating chat groups and conversations to interact with fans with one another is an excellent approach to developing your Instagram. If you can give your fans in-depth connection beyond announcements and contests, you have a massive chance to gain many potential followers.

What brings you if you produce great content and increase engagement? A recent study declares that if you come up with perfect content consistently, over 70% of users recommend the brand to their circles, and more than 75% of users purchase your product over your competitors.

You need to make your content strategy more powerful to increase your Instagram brand awareness and gain more followers. Interacting with clients regularly seems to be a perfect strategy that helps in building your profile.

Wrap Up

There are various ways to build your Instagram brand followers organically. Utilizing the Instagram mentioned above growth strategies could bring you potential results. These potential results help you when the Instagram algorithm changes where spammy content of your similar content will go back from your niche.

You can also track your Instagram brands insights about your Instagram account growth through these strategies. If you see prominent peaks, then analyze what content helps you reach your profile high. Then pick the content type and do more content from that type to gain more engagements and build up your Instagram account organically.

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