Best Tips for A uTester to Earn Money On uTest Platform

uTest is an internet-based testing business platform for digital freelance software testers to helping some of the most recognized and iconic brands by providing quality digital experiences to their customers. The uTester has become the go-to destination for people who value digital quality, people who are passionate about user experience and are curious about cutting-edge technology.

When you join the uTest platform, you will be unlocking a new world of freelancing opportunities with offers for a wide range of online testing jobs including

  • Usability testing
  • Security testing
  • Visual functionality testing
  • Desktop compatibility testing and many more

The uTest website also includes blog sections where you are able to read informative articles and useful tips on how to carry out various online tests. uTest platform also offers several freelance positions on its website.

Best Tips for A uTester to Earn Money On uTest Platform

However, in order to become a uTester, you will have to sign up with the uTest free application which will then grant you access to the uTest platform database, where you will be able to search for available uTest jobs, post your resume and apply for jobs.

How to become a uTester and get started with uTest jobs

The best way to get started is by signing up with uTest platform as they will give you access to the uTester database that contains several job opportunities. There is no fee and you will not be charged for using the platform.

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The uTest platform is simple to use and if you are familiar with computer applications, you will find it very easy to navigate around and begin with the free trial. You will need to create your personal profile and create a username for yourself that will be your unique ID within the system.

Once you have successfully registered, you will be sent an email with information on how to activate your uTester account and continue with the software testing. If you select the option to accept a contract then you will be sent an invoice.

Upon accepting the contract, you will be required to login to the uTest portal, where you will be able to track test cycles, receive updates and communication with the testers themselves.

How to earn money testing for the brands you love

When companies like Uber need to ensure a new feature is ready before rolling it out globally, they will use the uTesters to validate that it works, looks and performs as expected. The uTester platform is a cloud-based computing platform that provides software testers with complete independence and unlimited access to resources.

The uTester platform is used by software engineers, product development teams, quality assurance teams and system designers to test and validate software products before they are released into the market.

Best Tips for A uTester to Earn Money On uTest Platform

The uTest platform uses a combination of web and desktop testing technologies to execute software testing. uTester can also simulate and burn a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Solaris and SVR4, which allow you to assess different operating systems.

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uTester is similar to the Murex, but the difference between them lies in their level of independence. Murex allows software testing companies to be autonomous and save money by avoiding the cost of long hours working out each individual bug.

uTester on the other hand requires company staff to be available around the clock in order to solve problems. uTester is a great choice for companies who want to ensure that software testing is completed as per schedule without having to pay for expensive overtime costs.

In order to get started with uTester, you’ll need to find an outsourcing company that offers the service

When looking for a uTester, it’s important to compare prices so you don’t end up paying too much.
When you find a company offering uTester free of charge, it means you will be required to pay a setup fee. The setup fee is charged to create your custom-made application using the platform of your choice.

This is typically required prior to launching your project and acceptance as a UAT (Unified Access Testing). If you prefer to work directly with the uTester provider, you can simply sign up to get started with a free trial account that will allow you to test and verify your usability.

After receiving your hosting account, login to the uTester dashboard and then select “Add Test Cases” option. Select the type of cases that you are interested in testing and then complete the process.

A progress report will show how many test cases have been successfully completed. To earn more money from uTester, you need to complete more cases. uTester companies usually offer several payment options, which include fixed payment amounts, free trial payment, residual payment, and sales commission.

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uTester provides the easiest and most effective way to get paid for online tests and also earn money. However, like any other business ventures, it requires hard work, dedication, creativity, and determination to make money with uTester.

Most importantly, you must have the patience to complete the requirements of the platforms or websites that have been accepted by the eCommerce sites and brands that you want to be tested.

Although there are many platforms available to choose from, most of them require that you first submit your application form and wait for approval reports. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a code that you will need to integrate your chosen uTester platform into your website or eCommerce site.

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Best Tips for A uTester to Earn Money On uTest Platform

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